The San Francisco 49ers shipped away two draft picks, third- and fourth-rounders, for Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders on Tuesday. They did, however, receive a fifth-round pick in the deal.

You might remember that the 49ers were already without a second-round pick in 2020 after acquiring defensive end Dee Ford from the Kansas City Chiefs in March.

Day two of next year's draft is shaping up to be pretty uneventful for the Niner Faithful unless the 49ers make other moves before then.

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So, where does that leave San Francisco in terms of draft picks in 2020? As of right now, it is left with six selections. Below is a list of the draft picks owned by the 49ers in 2020, courtesy of information from NFLTR. The final position of the selections will be determined by how the team finishes this season.

49ers 2020 Draft Picks
Round 1 Own pick
Round 5 From Broncos via Sanders trade
Round 5 Own pick
Round 6 Own pick
Round 7 From Lions for Eli Harold
Round 7 Own pick

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