The San Francisco 49ers boast one of the most disruptive defensive lines in football. It's a unit that features five former first-round picks.

Running back Matt Breida was mic'd up during Sunday's win over the Los Angeles Rams and could be heard saying the following.

"I would hate to be on that team, knowing there's nothing you can do. There are too many of them. They're too good. We've got all first-round draft picks on the D-line."

Breida does, of course, face the 49ers' defensive line in practice. It's something that has made San Francisco's offense more prepared for opponents. After all, what it is facing in a game probably won't be as terrorizing as what it has to go against during the week leading to each matchup.

That's not a knock on San Francisco's opponents but rather a compliment toward the impressive defensive front that general manager John Lynch and company have built.

Tight end (or is it fullback, now?) Ross Dwelley feels the offense has benefited from so many reps against a dominant defensive line. He joined KNBR on Tuesday and was asked if he knew during the offseason that the D-line would be as good as they have been.

"Yes, definitely," Dwelley responded on the "Papa and Lund" show. "Our D-line is something else; how they penetrate off the ball, and how they read plays. We definitely knew throughout OTAs and training camp that they're going to be something pretty special.

"How it helps us for the games, it just makes the game that much easier because you've seen how hard it can be in practice, and you're not worried about any other team because you know you're facing the best at practice."

The 49ers are 5-0 for the first time since 1990, own the NFC's best record, and are one of just two remaining undefeated NFL teams. Opposing quarterbacks own a combined passer rating of 62.5 against San Francisco. Only the New England Patriots, the league's other unbeaten team, have allowed a lower combined passer rating (42.6).

You can listen to the entire conversation with Dwelley below.