Punters are football players, too. In case you forgot that, San Francisco 49ers rookie punter Mitch Wishnowsky provided a reminder on Monday night with a big hit on special teams while handling kickoff duties. He delivered an unexpectedly monster hit on another rookie, Denver Broncos returner/running back Devontae Jackson.

Jackson may not have even seen it coming, and Wishnowsky didn't necessarily expect to make the tackle.

"I just seen it sort of open up," Wishnowsky said after the game. "It was more, I thought I would just plug a hole, and I was almost expecting to get side-stepped and stuff, but it didn't happen."

His teammates loved it. Wishnowsky returned to the sideline with players hitting him on the head and delivering high fives to the rookie punter.

That tackle showed that maybe the "Madden NFL 20" video game should adjust Wishnowsky's tackle rating, which currently sits at 36. The 49ers lobbied for EA Sports to do so.

Wishnowsky agrees.

Still, the punter and former Australian rules football player was just doing what he felt was his job and doesn't necessarily put himself on the same level as his teammates when it comes to delivering big hits.

"I like my tackling ability but the other 10 blokes on the field are just freak athletes, so I'm more of just a last line of defense," Wishnowsky said.

Your move, EA Sports.

Update: EA Sports responded and has updated Wishnowsky's rating in the game.