San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver, Deebo Samuel, commemorated his entrance into the NFL by getting some major ink and showed off his newest additions via his Instagram account.

Samuel was the third wide receiver taken in this year's draft. The 49ers made him a second-round pick and the No. 36 overall selection.

To honor being the No. 36 overall selection, one of Samuel's tattoos has the NFL shield with his draft placement above it.

@TheSFNiners had a chance to catch up with Samuel and dig a little deeper into the meaning of the rookie's newest body art.

"I chose number 19 because I was drafted in 2019," Samuel said referencing the large 19 that graces his back, which matches his jersey number with the 49ers.

Samuels accompanied his No. 19 with a powerful quote that represents who he is as a person. It reads, "Leaders are made. They are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile."

Scroll through the tattoo photos below.

When asked what that quote represents for him, he merely stated, "Train to be a leader and love the game."

The tattoo with the most meaning resides on his lower back. You'll notice a sign that reads "Cammie Clagett Courts" in front of what looks to be a housing complex.

Samuel mentions that the building complex represents "(the) neighborhood where I was born at the bottom, where I'm from." Cammie Clagett Courts is a low-income housing development located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

"Not too many people make it out where I'm from," Samuel said, "so in order for me to be where I'm at now, I had to instill in myself that I am going to work harder than the person next to me and stay focused."

When asked if that specific tattoo reminds him of all the hard work he had put in to overcome his circumstances to get to where he is today, Samuel responded, "Correct."

Samuel is a promising rookie who is poised to make a first-year impact with the departure of wide receiver Pierre Garçon.

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