The NFL Draft used to be a mainstay in New York City. It has taken to the road in recent years with the most recent draft taking place last month in Nashville, Tennessee. That event was seen as a massive success for the NFL, and the league announced two new locations for future drafts.

We already knew the 2020 NFL Draft would take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. After that, Cleveland, Ohio will host the annual event in 2021 and Kansas City, Missouri will play host two years after that in 2023.

No decision has been made on the location of the 2022 NFL Draft. There is speculation that the NFL is reserving that draft for a bigger city to host. It was thought that Los Angeles might be in contention to host it, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Network believes that is unlikely.

Los Angeles will host the Super Bowl at the Rams' new stadium just months before the 2022 NFL Draft, and there may be some concern regarding the turnaround time following such an event. The NFL Draft is also being viewed as a consolation prize for cities that are not selected to host Super Bowls, which if true, would eliminate Los Angeles.