We're three days away from the start of the NFL Draft, and we're still unsure what the Arizona Cardinals might do with the first overall pick. The assumption is that they will select former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray at that spot, but there have been recent rumors that Arizona could go in another direction.

Of course, not everyone is buying into those rumors. NFL analyst and insider, Benjamin Allbright, said on Monday morning that he believes the whispers of Arizona going in another direction are a smokescreen meant to entice another team, like the San Francisco 49ers, to move up to grab the player they really want.

Until more concrete information presents itself, everyone will go on assuming Murray will be the top pick in this week's draft. General manager John Lynch says the 49ers are prepared for whatever Arizona might do ahead of them.

"We've been hearing a lot about [the Cardinals selecting a quarterback]," Lynch told reporters on Monday during his pre-draft media session. "There seems to be one guy who gets a lot of buzz. We'll be prepared."

As for Bosa, Lynch said he is a "heck of a player," and the 49ers have enjoyed studying him throughout the pre-draft process. They have also enjoyed studying defensive players like Quinnen Williams of Alabama, Josh Allen of Kentucky, Montez Sweat of Mississippi State, and others.

"He's a spectacular player," Lynch said of Williams, who could be a legitimate option at No. 2. "When you have the opportunity to get a talent like that, you look at every opportunity to make it happen. He's special."

Then there is the option to trade down. Lynch said the 49ers would only make a move down if another team presents them with an offer that is too good to be true. San Francisco's decision-makers have identified players they are comfortable with selecting in the middle of the first round or around the No. 10 overall selection.

"We've done our due diligence," said Lynch.

If the Cardinals do opt to pass on Murray, it will put the 49ers in a better position to trade down, says Lynch. The current regime pulled off a trade in 2017 to move down one spot from No. 2 overall so the Chicago Bears could move up to select quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

"If the quarterback everyone wants is there, we'll see," Lynch said on the possibility of moving down should Murray (although, Lynch didn't specifically name Murray) be available at No. 2.

Lynch did field a couple of calls regarding their top selection as recent as this morning but says nothing of substance is currently in the works. He expects to receive a lot of calls if the Cardinals pass on Murray.