One of the best commercials from Super Bowl Sunday featured a chaotic scene of current and past NFL stars showing their competitive nature. It kicked off the NFL's year-long celebration of the league's 100th anniversary.

The commercial begins with the all-star cast taking part in a dinner to celebrate the league's anniversary when the football sitting atop a cake falls to the ground after running back Marshawn Lynch reaches for it, and the current and former players view it as a fumble, sending everyone into action.

Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice had a brief appearance as he and both Michael Irvin gesture toward Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, who was scanning the room for an open receiver. Montana opts to throw to Rice while saying, "No can do, Cowboy," referring to Irvin's former NFL team.

Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders intercepts the Montana-thrown pass.

You can watch the entire commercial here on YouTube.

Rice joined 95.7 The Game on Monday morning and took exception to the portrayal of Montana being picked off with him as the target.

"They did a fantastic job with [the commercial]," Rice said on the "Joe, Lo, and Dibs" show. "The most difficult thing for me is, you know if Joe is going to throw me the ball, I'm going to catch the ball. So Deion, he was dying inside. He was like, 'I know this is killing you Jerry, but you've got to be a team player right now. You've got to be a team player because if you had known that you had to let this happen in this commercial, there's no way you would have shown up.'

"They did not tell me, but once I got to LA to do the shoot, I said, 'I'm a team player. I'm just going to let it happen.' But it turned out to be an exceptional commercial."

Rice also discussed Lynch's role in the commercial.

"The highlight for me? Marshawn Lynch," Rice said. "He's just that type of guy. He wears whatever he wants to wear. He says whatever he wants to say. And that cake is just like staring at him. It's just staring at him, and I was around that cake too. I was curious because I was wondering if it was real, and I wanted to grab it.

"I had no idea he was going to grab the cake, the ball was going to fall off, and then it was all chaos."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below.