It wasn't too long ago that the San Francisco 49ers' 2018 season was filled with hope and promise. That ended on September 23 when the team lost its franchise quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, for the season with a torn ACL.

We are now riding out the season in the post-Garoppolo era. Fans have started to look toward next year and the 2019 NFL Draft. The 49ers, who were likely overhyped during the offseason, are no longer the media darlings. They have plummeted to the bottom of national power rankings this week following an embarrassing loss to a once-winless Arizona Cardinals led by a first-year head coach and a rookie quarterback.

Below is a small sample of some of the more prominent power rankings around the web and where the 49ers stand within each.
Current Ranking: 32
A 3-spot drop from last week.

Current Ranking: 30
A 3-spot drop from last week. Only the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals are ranked lower.

USA Today
Current Ranking: 32
A 2-spot drop from last week.

Sports Illustrated
Current Ranking: 31
A 4-spot drop from last week. Only the Arizona Cardinals are ranked lower.

CBS Sports
Current Ranking: 32
A 1-spot drop from last week.

Also of note is that the 49ers, who are currently part of a six-way tie for the worst record in the NFL, are now a favorite to land a top-two pick in next year's draft, according to a post-Week 5 projection from Football Outsiders (h/t to Kyle Madson of Niners Wire for the find).

Of the six teams with 1-4 records, the 49ers would have the lowest strength of schedule if the season ended today, which despite some fans wishes, it does not.

Apparently, the 49ers were the favorite to land the top overall pick at one point earlier on Tuesday with a 19-percent chance (according to Madson), but they have since been jumped by the Cardinals who are now listed as having a 19.6-percent chance to land the No. 1 selection. The 49ers have dropped to the No. 2 spot with an 18.6-percent chance to land the top pick.

Below are each NFL team's odds (as of this article posting) of earning the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, according to Football Outsiders.

Team Top Pick Top 5 Pick
ARI 19.6% 61.5%
SF 18.6% 59.8%
BUF 13.2% 56.0%
OAK 9.3% 41.7%
NYG 8.1% 37.1%
ATL 8.0% 35.3%
DET 4.9% 30.8%
IND 3.7% 24.1%
TB 2.0% 16.2%
CLE 1.4% 15.1%
DAL 1.9% 14.8%
DEN 1.7% 14.2%
NYJ 1.5% 13.2%
PHI 1.3% 12.4%
WAS 1.0% 10.8%
HOU 1.0% 10.1%
SEA 0.9% 9.9%
MIN 0.6% 9.2%
TEN 0.4% 6.2%
PIT 0.3% 5.1%
GB 0.2% 3.8%
CAR 0.1% 2.8%
JAX 0.1% 2.1%
LAC 0.1% 2.0%
MIA 0.1% 1.4%
BAL 0.1% 1.3%
NE 0.0% 1.2%
CHI 0.0% 0.9%
CIN 0.0% 0.8%
NO 0.0% 0.2%