The San Francisco 49ers did something special for Tech Sargent Rob Thomas on Tuesday. Thomas had been on a six-month deployment and wanted to surprise his family upon his return home.

49ers linebacker Dekoda Watson opens the video on by letting fans at home know what's about to happen. A few Niners players, including Watson, fullback Kyle Juszczyk, wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, and defensive tackles Sheldon Day and Earl Mitchel can be seen cheering Thomas on as he finishes bench pressing some weights. Thomas then takes a towel off his head and reveals himself to his wife and kids.

His wife drops what looks like a 49ers book bag and her purse in astonishment, then runs over and embraces her husband. A special moment follows.

Thomas embraces his children, telling them, "I missed you all so much, you hear that?" After that, he gives a short speech explaining his feelings behind the moment to close out the video.

"This was my first deployment with my family," Thomas said. "Just getting it set up, it wasn't for me. It's me to get you recognized, sacrifices that you made. We don't have family around up north, so she had to do it all by herself. Kids, baseball practice, gymnastics, plus she's a full-time student. She's graduating next month, and she's my rock. So this is for you."

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