Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks of NFL Network teamed up to project the San Francisco 49ers' first three rounds of picks in this month's draft during a segment on Path to the Draft. Below are the selections they made on behalf of the 49ers.

49ers' war room: Projecting San Francisco's first three rounds in 2018 NFL Draft

Round 1: DE Marcus Davenport, UTSA

"They go get a big-time edge rusher in Marcus Davenport from UTSA," Jeremiah said. "This is a player they've spent a lot of time on studying him, sending their position coach to his pro day to work him out, Buck. A lot of buzz building he could be in play here in the top 10 for the Niners."

"He'd be a great pick, a great fit as a guy who is really comfortable rushing from an upright stance and he has the athleticism to burst the bend to be able to get home. You add a 10-plus sack artist to their defense; they should be able to get back into the mix."

Jeremiah adds that the 49ers already have a lot of good, young pieces on defense and adding Davenport would only make it better.

Round 2: G Austin Corbett, Nevada

"When I look at this player on tape, I like the athleticism, I like the way he's steadily improved," Brooks said. "I think he's going to do a good job inside as an interior blocker and if you're the 49ers, you know you're making change. You bring Jonathan Copper over; you're going to have Austin Corbett. Now, you're a little more athletic to execute the kind of running game that you want to."

Brooks believes that a revamped offensive line, the addition of running back Jerick McKinnon, and the potential additions of a few more playmakers will make the offense "lights out."

Jeremiah notes that Corbett can play guard or tackle, but the best spot for him will be inside. With this selection, the 49ers offensive line (from left to right tackle) would include Joe Staley, Corbett, Weston Richburg, Cooper, and Trent Brown.

"They've got to keep Jimmy Garoppolo upright," Jeremiah added.

Round 3: CB Holton Hill, Texas and DE Da'Shawn Hand, Alabama

With the 49ers starting cornerbacks assumed to be veteran Richard Sherman and second-year player Ahkello Witherspoon, the next projected picks are for depth.

"I don't know if you're going to start right away, but how about Holton Hill from Texas? Plug him in the mix, get another young, tall, long, athletic corner that's a perfect scheme fit here for the Niners," Jeremiah said.

Brooks believes Hill, who impressed him during his time at Texas, resembles Sherman and can get on the edge and press receivers.

As for Da'Shawn Hand, Brooks believes he's another blue-chip player the 49ers can add to their front seven.

"I think you always want a little bit more, because of the athletic ability, you want a little bit more production, but the skillset is there," Jeremiah added. "I think he'll be a better pro even than he was at the University of Alabama."

You can watch Jeremiah and Brooks break down their selections here.