Is your knowledge of the playbook more detailed, more plays on it this week than it was last week?

"That's the goal. Every week, just try to learn more, retain more and put it out on the practice field and then on the game field."

Is there a way to gauge how many plays you would've known had you had to go into the game on Sunday?

"I had a pretty good feel for what I knew and what I didn't. I'm trying to learn the whole thing as fast as possible. The faster we get there, the better."

Coach had mentioned that you're far ahead of where you were a week ago. How far do you feel, just comparing to where you were from where you started?

"A week ago today I was still signing logistical papers, medical papers, all that stuff. Now it's just pure football. Got a car rental and everything. So yeah, we're in the right direction."

How eager are you to get out on the field, and be ready enough to be able to do that?

"I'm eager. Coach has a good plan set up though. Whatever he wants, I'll be ready to perform."

Can you take us through what a day has been like for you over the last week or so and how late you're studying, all that kind of stuff?

"I try to get in here as early as possible. Getting the car rental helped out. They were giving me rides and everything in the first week. I stay here as late as I need to, try to get as much sleep, but sleep has been tough to get lately."

Are you living out of the team hotel?


You said on Sunday that you're hearing the calls and that sometimes what happened on the field made sense to you and sometimes it didn't. Is that getting better and starting to come together for you?

"Yeah. Every day you try to progress. What you learn the day before you try to just retain that and make it a habit. I think every day gets easier, but then there's new stuff every day also. It's a constant learning process."

Would the worst scenario be coming up to the line of scrimmage and knowing the play that's called isn't going to work and in your head, you want to call something, but you don't know the language of how to call that when you get up there?

"That's why you've got the timeouts I guess."

Compare last game to this game in terms of confidence in what you're doing, calling the plays?

"Well, we've still got a week of practice. So, I think that will always help. But, going out there today I'll try to do the best I can, retain as much as I can."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan mentioned even coaches, players, and even his wife are excited for you to actually be able to play. Were you aware that Mrs. Shanahan has such a big fan?

"I haven't had a chance to meet her yet. But, that's always a good thing to hear."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers