On the play where you were stripped at the end of the first half near the end zone, you had a receiver who might have been open in the back of the end zone. Is that what you saw?

"Yeah. It would've been a touchdown. [WR] Marquise [Goodwin] was streaking in the back of the end zone. That was just like we practiced it all week. Got the right look, had everything. Marquise did a great job getting open."

How do you think the day went for you overall?

"Obviously, according to the score, it didn't go very well at all. You never want to lose a game 40-10. Just as a whole, as a team, we didn't play very well. Didn't play the three phases of the game. Offense, defense, special teams just didn't play very well. We've just got to take a look at ourselves, each and every one of us. And try to get better. Got a lot of things to improve on obviously. Come tomorrow we got to put it behind us and move towards Philly."

Something you feel like you can improve on from today?

"Yeah. I'm going to have to watch the film and see it first. There's a ton of things. Whether it be good things that you can do better or bad things that you just need to be better at. In every play, you can look at something and critique it a little bit. That's what I'll do."

From your film study this week compared to what you saw today did you feel like Dallas threw some new stuff at you that maybe they hadn't put on film?

"Yeah. They brought a lot of pressure, SAM, MIKE. I guess that was one of their game plan things. Their deal was to bring a lot of pressure which we hadn't seen them do much of."

Is that something you just have to expect? Especially as a rookie quarterback?

"Yeah, I guess so. When you're a rookie, obviously, you're new to a system. Trying to see what you know. Puts you on your heels a little bit. After we realized that was kind of their deal, I think we settled in. You just never know what you're going to get. You just got to be ready and prepare for anything."

There was a play early, it was kind of funky. It looked like two deep cross from WR Pierre Garçon and WR Marquise Goodwin. You ended up completing it to Goodwin. Was that by design?

"Yeah, that was by design."

There was some shuffling on the offensive line due to injuries. How hard does that take to adjust to?

"Like I said, I'll have to watch tape and see. When I'm in there I don't really focus on who's in at offensive line. I'm just trying to do the best I can. I trust the guys up there blocking to protect me and block well, no matter who it is. That's what you'd expect."

You've had close games these previous five losses. Getting blown out by 30, maybe you guys lose sight of the positives. How do you feel the morale is at 0-7 right now?

"After a game, losing like that it's tough. A 40-10 loss, that's tough. I think we've got the guys here, leaders on this team to move past that. Yeah we are 0-7. There's only one way to go, and that's up. I think we've got a lot of season left ahead of us to get better and really turn the season around and make something out of it, just do our best. I think that's what we'll do. We'll go back to work tomorrow, watch the film, improve. Really, you got to put this one behind us like we've done with the six other games and look forward."

Your eyes get pretty big on the touchdown? It looked like that was a pretty nice hole for you.

"Yeah, it did. It was a quarterback draw. It's a play we worked on all week in practice. I was excited to get the call. I like running when I can, especially in that area. I just knew I was going to get in one way or another."

Longer first down run earlier in the game. Was that an option? Where you have an option to handoff or, you chose to sprint on that one.

"Yeah, that one was. That was a little read-action. It was fourth and really short. It was just an option to read that."

They were crashing in I think. Was it RB Carlos Hyde or RB Matt Breida?

"I think it was Carlos. Yeah, so I can get outside. The line did a good job blocking."

You mentioned last week it took maybe one or two plays before you got the nerves out. Did you have any more coming into today just because it was the first start?

"Obviously, you're nervous, for your first start ever. Same thing, once play one goes by you really don't have those nerves anymore. You really settle down and can just focus on the game."

Did you talk to Joe Montana or Steve Young while they were here?

"I did not. No, unfortunately."

On 4th and 4, in the first drive of the third quarter Head Coach Kyle Shanahan said WR Kendrick Bourne was the first target. Were you looking elsewhere or you were looking at him all the way?

"On the one where he fell? I mean, we had him. As I was throwing the ball he tripped. If he hadn't tripped on a DB's feet or whatever happened there, it would've been a big play. Obviously, had I known he was falling I wouldn't have thrown it there."

* Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers