Indianapolis Colts running back Frank Gore, who will very likely end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, is still chasing that elusive Super Bowl championship. He came close following the 2012 season, making it to Super Bowl XLVII, but coming just a few yards short of his ultimate goal.

While Gore is no longer angry at the San Francisco 49ers for essentially casting him off following the 2015 season, Gore still carries the sting of that Super Bowl loss while with his former team. During Super Bowl XLVII, he carried the football 19 times for 110 yards and a touchdown. However, with the game on the line and just yards away from the end zone, Gore's number was not called once.

The running back spoke to Bay Area media on Wednesday morning and was asked about the loss.

"I wish we would have just closed the deal," Gore said. "It's hard. It's real hard to get to the Super Bowl. I always think about it."

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Does Gore wonder what might have happened had his number been called in the closing minutes of the game with his team just yards away from the end zone?

"Coach called a different play," Gore said. "You know how I am. I'm going to go with what our coach called. We had a bunch of guys who could make plays. He called what he called and it didn't work."

As far as being a potential future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Gore says he has been blessed over his NFL career.

"You look back at my career -- coming from college when I got drafted there, many people said even me getting picked in the third round was a reach. I'll only be in the league two or three years just because of my history. Now, I'm still playing and having a little success at this age.

"I feel real blessed. I'm still working my behind off. I'm still working and to get my name mentioned with guys who everybody feels like are top guys who ever played in this league, that's very good."

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