On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan gave updates on four players during his final press conference of the offseason program. 49ers.com's Joe Fann has the story.

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their annual mandatory minicamp session Thursday without many on-field developments. However, head coach Kyle Shanahan gave updates on four players during his final offseason press conference and the 49ers suffered no new injuries during their three-day extravaganza. Here are the highlights:

No. 1 - Linebacker Reuben Foster

Speaking of injuries, rookie inside linebacker Reuben Foster has been limited in the offseason program with the shoulder injury that sparked concern around the league around draft time. Foster was able to participate in individual drills but was removed when there was contact. Here is what coach Shanahan had to say in regard to Foster's injury:

"It's been the status quo," the coach said. "He's been doing great with his rehab. I really have no concerns. I think he'll be more than ready to go by training camp. That's my feeling. I can't promise that, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't."

Shanahan really believes Foster will be ready.

No. 2 - Tight End George Kittle

Apparently, new 49ers' tight end George Kittle is impressing everyone these days, with fans and media personalities alike discussing the kid's breakout minicamp. The Press Democrat's Grant Cohn suggests that Kittle may have become an impact player during the 49ers' offseason. Shanahan also addressed what he sees in his new toy:

"George is coming (and) really battling," Shanahan said. "He's competed in the run and the pass game. George is a guy you can tell he is going for it, because the way he competes on the field, which you guys have seen at the times you've been out there. Mainly, what he does off the field too. He's really trying to learn it and that's given him a chance to show up a little bit."

Kittle may be the "tight end of the future" so-to-speak and the position battle in which he is embroiled in training camp will allow observers to watch Kittle's skills develop.

No.3 - Wide Receiver Trent Taylor

Here is a name that has been popping up time and time again! According to Joe Fann, 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor has been consistently making plays during OTAs and minicamp. The fifth round draft pick has been showing off his shifty style and impressing coach along the way:

"Trent is a competitive guy," Shanahan said. "He gets after it. He's very good at separating. Like all of the rookies right now, everything has been thrown at him. He's had some really good days, and he's had some days where he's been off. I'm really excited about Trent. I'm excited for him to soak all of this in, get away for a little bit and I think he'll come back to training camp and get some good competition out there."

And finally, the player who may have been forgotten:

No. 4 - Tight End Garrett Celek

During his career, 49ers tight end Garrett Celek has been mostly a reserve guy, notching just 56 receptions for 678 yards and six touchdowns in five seasons, according to profootballreference.com. In any case, Celek is a part of a six-man competition that Shanahan discussed today:

"We have six guys who I believe are all NFL players," Shanahan said. "So, we've got some good competition there. It's going to be tough for the coaches, but it's definitely a good problem to have.

"Speaking of Celek, he's done a great job. I've been a fan of him throughout his career. I remember studying him a couple years ago when I thought he was going to be a free agent. I think it was last year, but they ended up signing him before he went to the market. He's learning new stuff just like everyone else is, but that whole group in general is doing a real good job."

The fact that Shanahan said, "Speaking of Celek," near the end of his discussion highlights that the tight end is one of the last 49ers mentioned these days.

The team escaped the week unscathed as none of its players suffered any new injuries since camp opened Tuesday. The 49ers are likely hoping it stays that way throughout training camp and preseason.

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