49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, who was acquired during the first day of free agency, was excited when the team added former Baltimore Ravens teammate Jeremy Zuttah. Upon his reported release from Baltimore, Juszczyk campaigned via Twitter to bring the former Ravens center to San Francisco. Of course, the 49ers worked out a trade for Zuttah prior to his release, ensuring that the center didn't go elsewhere.

Juszczyk was also excited to see another former Baltimore teammate join the 49ers roster. The fullback wrote the following about Elvis Dumervil when it was announced that the pass rusher would be headed to San Francisco.

Following Thursday's practice, Juszczyk spoke a little about Dumervil and what he brings to the 49ers.

"Elvis Dumervil is a great player," Juszczyk said. "Elvis is a guy that I've seen take over games when I was in Baltimore and he's a sack specialist. That's what he does. He gets after the quarterback. I think he's a great addition to this team and I'm excited to have him here. I think he's going to bring something special here."

Juszczyk was asked what it is like blocking someone like Dumervil. After all, he regularly saw him in practice during their time in Baltimore.

"Elvis is tough," Juszczyk answered. "He has a good combination of, what I would say, finesse and power. The guy, he's fast and he's lower to the ground so he can be very powerful but, at the same time, he has very good moves with his hands. He's a master of his craft."

Dumervil is under 6 feet tall and that makes blocking him different than going up against a taller pass rusher. Juszczyk explained what that was like.

"It's different," Juszczyk said. "For my position, you just kind of have to be ready for any technique. He can bull you, he can give you a spin, he can do whatever. I've seen him duck underneath those big 6-6 offensive tackles. Sometimes that height works out to his advantage."

Dumervil spent the first seven years of his career with the Denver Broncos, the team that drafted the linebacker in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He has spent the past four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. During his career, he has accumulated 352 tackles, 99 sacks, 23 forced fumbles, and an interception during regular-season play.