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Reuben Foster hung up on the Saints after being picked by the 49ers

Apr 28, 2017 at 2:31 PM--

One of the newest members of the San Francisco 49ers roster, linebacker Reuben Foster, clarified exactly what happened on Thursday night when he was selected with the 31st overall pick. The 49ers traded up from the 34th overall selection to pick Foster at the end of the first round.

There had been reports on what happened surrounding the actual trade. The New Orleans Saints were reportedly going to select Foster with the last pick in the first round (32 overall) and the 49ers leaped them to select the former Alabama linebacker. Apparently, Foster was on the phone with both the Saints and the 49ers at the same time.

"The 32 pick was about to come up," Foster shared with the media during a press conference on Friday to introduce him and fellow first-round pick Solomon Thomas. "So, I get a call from the New Orleans Saints and they say, 'Are you in Louisiana/Baton Rouge?' I say, 'No sir. I'm in Miami, Florida."

The Saints then wanted to speak to his girlfriend, who was from the New Orleans area. Obviously, Foster being selected by the Saints would be a big win for her because she would not have to go far and could remain near her family. However, Foster grew up loving the 49ers and when he saw a call coming in from the San Jose area, he immediately answered.

"I said 'Hello' while the New Orleans Saints were on the other line," Foster said. "And I'm like, 'Dang.' But I wanted to be a 49er so bad, it wasn't funny. Man, it was crazy."

"I told John Lynch that it was too late," Foster continued. "I said, 'Man, coach, you're the 34th pick. It's too late. The New Orleans Saints about to get me."

Foster said that the Saints were certain that they were going to select him and were welcoming him and his girlfriend when the 49ers called. Foster was asked if it was awkward when he clicked back over to speak to the Saints following the news from Lynch that the 49ers had traded ahead of New Orleans to select him. "No," Foster said. "I hung up."

That answer made the media in the room erupt in laughter.


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