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Icehouse Tavern

  • 1801 Wynkoop St.

    Denver, CO

    (303) 292-3775

    Important: A bar being listed here does not guarantee that it will be playing 49ers games. Call to confirm the address, if the bar is still in business, and if they are broadcasting the game. If you find that this bar no longer exists or that the information listed here is incorrect, please report it to us using "Report an Error" below.

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  • milehigh49ers on August 6, 2012

    49ers fans this 2012 season will be better than the last,the icehouse tavern is 49ers out. 49ers flags inside and outside, if you live in the denver metro area or close to it. Union Station is next to it no drinking and driving issues, also our booster clud "milehigh49ers" will be meeting every sunday. Check them out at ([email protected]). GO 49ERS.

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