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who deserves a ring the most???

who deserves a ring the most???

GORE and its not even close. True warrior and true 49er.
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
All the players. Mario Manningham will have a chance to get back to back rings with 2 different teams.

I know at least he is on our team. I hated the fact that Deion went to Dallas 1995 and helped the Cowgirls win a title
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
The most long suffering--Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Justin Smith.
dis doe
Gore, J. Smith, Moss, Willis - in that order.
Gore, with Willis a close second. s**t maybe even Alex Smith as a bench jockey. I also think Moss deserves one. Would be a nice way to top off his HOF career and send him off into the sunset with a 9ers ring.
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Gore and Justin. Gore is easy he been thru it all and never left and never b***hed or moaned and stuck with us.

Justin Smith because without him our defense is average at best.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:

haha wow
easy answer is Franky G... He has been awesome from the start of his career, and yet had to deal with so much roster trash and inept coaching in many of his years.

Thanks for hanging in there, Frank. We love you!

Willis, Justin Smith, Gore, and Randy Moss are the most deserving guys IMO
I wish I could vote for both Gore and Justin Smith.
do they sell replicas? I deserve one more than anyone sticking with the team through the lean years
franky G
Frank Gore and Jim Harbaugh
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