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Hunter Luepke-FB-North Dakota State

Been following him for awhile and if this team were looking to move on from Juice, this is one potential replacement. Monster blocker, built like a tank at 6'1", 250+ pounds, wasn't used much as a receiver but showed the ability to get open and soft hands to secure the ball and bring it in. Not a lead runner but plenty capable enough to be used as a solid short yardage back. NDSU used him like a chess piece, moving him all over the offense, he has experience at FB, TE and even WR.

The biggest thing I like about him is his bulldog mentality. He reminds me of Jauan Jennings in that way, this is a guy that seems to relish contact and blocking through the whistle. I think he has the ability to be a dominant blocker at the NFL level while having enough athleticism to run out for passes and pick up yards on short yardage downs. He has a background in wrestling and it shows with the way he approaches blocking and how he was able to handle himself against much bigger defenders.

I think there's a ton of potential for him to be a Juice-like weapon and he absolutely belongs in a Shanahan style offense somewhere.

All is right in the world.
Welp as a FB it's down to us or Baltimore
Trey is on board.

Pick him up with one of our 5th rounder.
Originally posted by Hysterikal:
All is right in the world.

This isn't even my obscure Dakotas RB pick. Just wait.
I second this motion.

Same jersey number as juice

I would take him but I suspect that he will go too early for us.
Originally posted by Alfienator:
Same jersey number as juice

...and Rathman!
Originally posted by English:
I would take him but I suspect that he will go too early for us.

Same feeling here.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Same feeling here.

Just depends on how they feel about Juice and how much longer they see him being productive. Fullbacks like Luepke don't come along every draft. You can find RB's for this offense late or in UDFA, a fullback that can block, run and catch at a high level, that's a whole other matter. One thing Shanahan has shown is that when he really wants a player, for better or worse, he goes out and gets them.
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But how does he perform at the main task a fullback does, lead blocking?
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