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Man I hope I am wrong about who we should have drafted!

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You put HTTP twice.

Anyway, from the notes it seems like nothing that a little time can't fix. A note about him stopping short on a route or taking a football off the helmet is matched by a few tough catches as well.

Like someone else said, Hill and other WRs are going to be the first and main receiver beat guys focus on because most teams don't have Randy moss trying out for them too. So what you're getting is a small slice, maybe just a handful of reps, from one OTA practice(out of weeks of OTA practices). I know at this point we're all suckers for the tiniest bits of information but we really aren't going to find out much about these guys until preseason.

The concern should be the phrase regarding a lot of drops. It is early in the game, but once again, the news from many other rookie WR's has been strong (Sanu, Hill, Randle), and this will be something to watch down the road, as we measure Jenkins' career with the other WR options we had at number 30.

Lots of WRs, esp rookies, have drops coming into OTAs and TC.

Lots of guys catch everything thrown their way at OTC and TC.

The only thing that matters is how they produce on Sundays. Jenkins has the physical skills to be a good deep threat. Maybe not a star receiver, but good enough to make plays for us.
Alshon Jeffery looking good in this Bears game.
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