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Day 3 - Draft General Discussion

swapped with pick 103, not sure what else yet.
Well,Miami should most likely have a bad record next year
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
damn rams are loading up, hope theyre average to busts

There is a lot of speed and potential now on the Rams. Then again, almost every one of their picks comes with "off the field" issues. It will be interesting to see how things develop.
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Huh. Again. We must like a lot of the guys left about the same.
We traded back twice??? lol?
Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:
hopefully we're picking up some next year picks in addition to the move back. no need to stack the team w/ folks who will get cut this year.

This. Hopefully they don't miss out on the guy they want for some extra picks.
Are we trying stock pile in 2013?

Anybody got the details?
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Tannihill and Cousins

Wonder what we got in return. Would prefer to see us get another pick in THIS draft so we have more to talk about.
Originally posted by 5280High:
What do the green stickers mean on our board? there are only a couple

in the draft room? where do you see them?

Seemed like a good time to draft Boykin to me....

Anyone know if we will have their pick this round?
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What did we get?
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Miami on the clock for 103, 196 (6th Rd), & next year's 6th Rd pick

Lot of picks for that 4th.
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