Earlier today, we asked our fans on Facebook and Twitter, "What is your fondest 49ers memory/moment?" It is always interesting to hear different answers from various age groups. Some fans were not around during some of the amazing 49ers moments in the early 80's. Others went back before the 80's. Do your memories involve Joe Montana, Steve Young or even John Brodie? Do you remember a moment with Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens or even R.C. Owens? We'd like to share some of the answers we got from our fans. Let us know what your favorite 49ers memory or moment was.

"The Catch and thhe Goalline stance against the Bengals in SB 16" - Scott Braccia via Facebook

"Owens 'catch 2' in last few seconds against Packers....and the little S Young stumble as he dropped back, before he threw it :)" - Nathan Brown via Facebook

"I have so many, but two that come to mind: my first game in person at the stick... NFC Divsional Playoffs against the Bears the last year we won the SuperBowl... we blew them out, it was sooo fun to watch Young, Rice, even Deon! Also from this past season, My wife and I took our (almost two at the time) daughter to her 1st Niners game. It was the overtime win against the Rams. My little girl was so excited and had her niners gear on! Great memory!" - Danny Wright via Facebook

"Joe Montana's throw to John Taylor for the Super Bowl Win against Cincinnati" - Carlos Delgado via Twitter

"Wow where to start?? Too many to name. But "the catch" was the start to the glory years so I have to say that is #1 in my book." - Vancouver NinerEmpire via Facebook

"Sitting in the stands...Monday Night Football...Plunket was the QB, and Candlestick was still astroturf. The game ended on a Starbuck comeback, but it was my first game there with my dad. First of MANY." - Danny Brooks via Facebook

"1995, 10 pt underdogs going to Cowboys Stadium with no Steve Young and no William Floyd after losing to Saints & Panthers in straight weeks at home... And beating the tobacco juice of the Cowboys 38-20!!!" - Carlos Rodríguez via Facebook

"Childhood-The Catch, Adult-Being in a NY sports bar when they came back and beat the NYG. Drafting PWilly&Crabtree is up there" - Dagan Cassale via Twitter

"The Niners were down 17-0 vs. the hated Rams on MNF at the end of the first quarter and ended up winning 30-27, much due to the TWO 90 + yard tds by Taylor." - Fasedown Screamer via Facebook

"‎94 Finally !!!beating the cowboys and watching steve young running around candlestick like a Maniac knocking over camera men !!!" - Rich Perez via Facebook

"Hearst running 90 something yards for a TD in OT with TO blocking all the way to the EZ against the Jets for the win!!!!" - Samnang Samreth via Facebook

"getting revenge on the cowboys (twice) in '94...nfc championship game was especially memorable...going up 21-0...young to rice right before halftime...great memory" - Chris Christofferson via Facebook