Put me right up there with the group of people who was utterly shocked when I heard the Jimmy Raye news. Not because I thought the move was itself was wrong, but because I never thought Coach Singletary would do it. But he did, and it may be the best decision he's made all season.

But that doesn't mean the 49ers problems are solved. In fact, the number one problem still remains: Head Coach Mike Singletary.

The question from the beginning of Sing's tenure has always been how a coach with little background in X's and O's would lead a team in a league where strategy is demanded of elite teams. Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, Sean Payton, and yes, even Todd Haley, are head coaches who strategize. They exploit match-ups, attack defensive deficiencies, and make adjustments based on what they see in-game. I would need more research and more time, but I think it's safe to say that generally, elite coaches are also elite strategists who bring innovative concepts to teams. This would leave Singletary firmly outside of the upper echelon of elite coaches.

Firing Raye was necessary, but remember that Coach Singletary had problems finding an offensive coordinator. Scott Linehan, an innovative offensive mind, declined a job offer due to "personal reasons" then accepted another coordinator role 5 (FIVE!) days later in Detroit. Singletary said in his press conference that Raye did his best to fulfill the head coach's vision. Mike Martz, another innovative offensive mind (who, incidentally, ran the ball more than Jimmy Raye did) was fired due to philosophical differences (And now Cutler and the entire Bears offense looks much better than it did in years past).

Mike Johnson and whatever game plans he may have is atill subject to the rule of Sing. He will not have the philosophical autonomy that many fans think will associate a new coordinator. This team has talent. The front office did it's job well enough to field a team with playoff-level talent. Now it's up to the coaches to maximize that talent's potential.

As long as the head of the coaching tree is intent on imposing his blunt-force philosophy on the offensive game plan, expect the 49ers to remain a team with unrealized expectations.