Peter King released a power ranking of all 32 teams in his regular Monday Morning Quarterback column. Of course, the buzz in Niner Land is that he ranked Seattle at 11, a playoff team. Where were the 49ers? At 19 - on the playoff bubble.

What's his major argument? The 49ers did not go after Donovan McNabb. That's it. He openly praises the 49ers "solid up-the-gut unit" and "impenetrable tackles" on defense. So really his major argument is the lack of a superstar quarterback.

Clearly King thinks that first-year transitions are not a huge deal. McNabb, a west-coast quarterback his entire career, would seamlessly transition to a Coryell-termed offense. Continuity is something 49ers are intimately familiar with, insofar as they haven't had any at the offensive coordinator position.

Having Smith come back means that he can focus on advanced offensive techniques in March. McNabb would be meeting people, learning the system and building rapport with his receivers through training camp. Alex Smith can focus on the intricacies of blitz pickup.

Pete Carroll would also be in the midst of a first-year transition. Yes, the Seahawks have some improved pieces. Earl Thomas and Russell Okung were fantastic first-round picks. But at the end of the day, the core of that team is still in tact.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is in the twilight of his career and Charlie Whitehurst is a completely unknown entity. Their only true pass rusher, Patrick Kerney, retired. Between the personnel and the transitions to new systems on both offense and defense the Seahawks are dubious threats to the NFC West throne.

King opened up this article with all you need to know about his rankings:

"...let me embarrass myself by ranking the NFL one through 32. That's not being overly modest -- just realistic. I stink at this."

I couldn't have said it better.