With the 2008 NFL Draft just a few days away, you can almost feel the electricity in the air.

The NFL Draft has become an annual excuse for many to call in sick to their jobs, being second to only the Super Bowl as a national holiday of sorts for those whose lives are dictated by the NFL's calendar year. In the days leading up to April 26th, it is easy to predict many sleepless nights for both the players involved, the scouts and General Managers of each respective NFL franchise, and of course, all the crazy fans.

But for those that do manage to obtain some slumber, their dreams may very well become a reality on Saturday. But then again, maybe not.

With each passing day, more drama seems to be unfolding with nearly every NFL team. Whether it is Ocho Cinco demanding a trade, Anquan Boldin requesting movement, or Pacman Jones being dealt to the Dallas Cowboys, no team will seemingly stand pat come draft day. Mock drafts are fine and dandy and certainly are a good pastime, but that all goes out the window at 3 p.m. Eastern on Saturday.

Personally, I love the excitement leading up to draft day, with the most satisfying moments culminating when the so-called "experts" eat their predictions and mock drafts for desert (See: Mike Mayock, Mel Kiper Jr.).

But really, it is a day for the fans.

My favorite part has to be the entire day. Going to the grocery store the morning of to buy the necessary items for a tailgate/BBQ, decked out in all my 49er gear. Then enjoying the rest of the day with friends who are all united, who are all Faithful. This year, I am headed to Manteca, to hang out with a few friends, eat some good food, and see who my beloved 49ers select at 29th overall, as well as 39th in the first and second rounds.

Feel free to share your draft plans, predictions, or memories!