2008 NFL Draft Q&A with Shawn Zobel

Apr 5, 2008 at 8:41 PM2

The following is a transcript from a Draft Chat recently held between the fans of the two sites, 49erswebzone.com and 49ersparadise.com, and Shawn Zobel creator of draftheadquarters.com.

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise and 49ers Webzone Draft Chat with guest Shawn Zobel creator of draftheadquarters.com. This is a moderated chat, you will not be able to post comments to the main chat. To have your questions answered, please send them to "SendMeQuestions" via private message. To send a private message, double click on "SendMeQuestions" in the right chat frame and choose private chat. Thank you for your participation!

ShawnDHQ: Thanks for having me guys

Do you think the niners should trade there 1st pick?

ShawnDHQ: The only way that I'd suggest them trading the pick is if there isn't a player available that they are interested in drafting.

What do you think the chances of the 49ers trading down?

ShawnDHQ: It depends on what type of offers they get. For example, if Atlanta offers two of their three 2nd Round picks to try and trade up for Joe Flacco or Brian Brohm, then I could maybe see the '9ers doing that.

Which WRs will be available at #29?

ShawnDHQ: In my opinion, DeSean Jackson, Mario Manningham MAYBE James Hardy, Early Doucet

Seems like most fans have their target set on Q. Groves from Auburn. Whatís the chance he

ShawnDHQ: I honestly think they could try and wait for him with their 2nd Round pick being so early.

After Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Chris Williams, and Jeff Otah, who are the next top OT's?

ShawnDHQ: Gosder Cherilus, Sam Baker, Anthony Collins, Carl Nicks

What OTs are likely to be available at #29 or #37 (39?)

ShawnDHQ: Sam Baker and Anthony Collins for sure. I think that there's probably a 30-40% chance that Gosder Cherilus is available

What would you do with the 29 pick

ShawnDHQ: Take DeSean Jackson or Gosder Cherilus, if they are available

Who has more upside as a RT. Baker or Cherius

ShawnDHQ: Gosder Cherilus, without a doubt

What other hybrid DE/OLB do you like in this draft?

ShawnDHQ: Quentin Groves, Bruce Davis, Marcus Howard

What wr are we likely to draft & in what round, personally, I like Sweed and Hardy allot any chance?

ShawnDHQ: I'd say 30%. His stock/demand is relatively high right now>>

What WRs might the 49ers take. I am specifically curious how we feel about Early Doucet.

ShawnDHQ: The earliest that I would take Doucet is with the 49ers first 2nd Round pick

If the Niners were to draft a WR in the 1st or 2nd round, do you seem them getting one that can make an impact right away? How then does that affect Jason Hill and why is he being discounted after being drafted with high hopes. Do you see any 1st/2nd the niners beating him out?

ShawnDHQ: With either their 1st or 2nd Round pick, I expect the 49ers to draft a WR. I honestly can't say about Hill as I'm not the coach

I understand that you have had some big news about your site recently can you elaborate?

ShawnDHQ: I recently went down to the Combine and was able to get full-access, where I was actually able to be on the field watching the drills and talking with the players. Better access than most if not all of the scouts and coaches. I was also at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama this year. We really upgraded the website in January, so I'm very excited about that. I placed 8th out of 95 in a National Mock Draft contest last year. [Thereís quite a bit going on, so please check it out for more information]

Do you see Carl Nicks and Oneil Cousins as more of a T types or G's?

ShawnDHQ: Nicks is huge and projects well as a tackle, Cousins could likely play both as he has fantastic athleticism>>

Who in the draft is like patrick willis

ShawnDHQ: No one is as good as Willis was this year. I think Curtis Lofton from Oklahoma could potentially have a big first year like Willis did though. Him or Jerod Mayo

I've noticed that you aren't as high on Groves as some other draft sites. Why not?

ShawnDHQ: He was inconsistent during his career which worries me a bit. He also doesn't have a TRUE position at the next level, although it's assumed by everyone that he'll be perfectly capable of making the switch to linebacker

If kenny phillips falls to 29,do we take him?

ShawnDHQ: It depends on who else is still on the board. Safety is definitely not the 49ers greatest need, however he would likely be among the best players available>>

How many OTs do you project will go in the first two rounds?

ShawnDHQ: Long, Clady, Williams, Otah, Cherilus, Baker, Collins, maybe Nicks

You mentioned Bruce Davis as one guy you like as a hybrid. I like him as well but I am concerned about his size and if he can hold the point of attack in the 3-4. What do you think of Davis?

ShawnDHQ: I really like him, a lot more than other scouts do. If I were the 49ers I would strongly consider picking him up in the 3rd Round. He plays with the passion and the chip on his shoulder that I love to see

Do you think about Eddie Royal would be a great pick up for the Niners in Round three ?

ShawnDHQ: Yeah he'd definitely be a nice pick. His return ability would help as well

Who do you think are the top 5 available players available to the niners at pick #29 and #39?

ShawnDHQ: DeSean Jackson, Lawrence Jackson, Quentin Groves, Antoine Cason, Chilo Rachal...to name a few

Do you see the 49ers drafting a QB at all?

ShawnDHQ: I personally feel that Colt Brennan would be a great pick for them in the 6th Round. Brennan had experience with Martz at the Senior Bowl and from what Colt personally told me, he'd love to have the chance to work with Martz again>>

Do you think the drop-off in talent from the 1st round WR's to the 3rd round WR's is significant?

ShawnDHQ: Yeah, I do. It really starts to drop off after Earl Bennett, Andre Caldwell, and Early Doucet

Should the Niners reach a bit to draft Trevor Laws with their 1st pick ? This guy seems to be a great player and maybe will be a good NT, even if he's not 6-4/320

ShawnDHQ: No, Laws is not a 1st Round pick. He'd be a reach with the '9ers 2nd Round pick

What are the projected rounds for WRs Lavelle Hawkins (Cal) and Adarius Bowman (OK St)

ShawnDHQ: 3-4 for both of them maybe 5th for Bowman

Will the team be looking to trade up at any point in the draft

ShawnDHQ: Knowing the 49ers front office, I'd be surprised to see them not trade up at some point

Seems like Chilo Rachal has been making a push of late to maybe be a first round pick. Whats your take on him as a player?

ShawnDHQ: He's a very good player. Talented with a lot of upside. I think that he's an Early-Mid 2nd Round pick at this point

More on trades: do you think we could get better value with a 1st round pick or a 2nd + 3rd pick

ShawnDHQ: Honestly, it's hard to say because you just don't know who exactly will be available at #29. I personally feel that if the right player is there in the 1st, then you make the pick

Who do you like to play the NT in this draft?

ShawnDHQ: Red Bryant and Ahtyba Rubin are the best candidates>>

What do you think of Cliff Avril or Marcus Howard?

ShawnDHQ: I love both of them and would take them both in a heartbeat in the Mid-Late 2nd. I think that Avril is a safer pick as he is more experienced than Howard is

What is your opinion of bruce davis as a ROLB?

ShawnDHQ: Again, I'm a big Bruce davis guy. If he can be developed well and get bigger then he could be a nice player at the next level

How do you feel about Eddie Royal as a third round pick?

ShawnDHQ: Yeah he'd definitely be a nice pick. His return ability would help as well

Cason seems to be a little underated at this point. He tested well at the combine. But do you think he has enough to cover guys man-to man in the NFL?

ShawnDHQ: I think that he has the talent and skills needed, he just may need a year or two of coaching and development at the next level

Where do you rank Anthony Collins - RT and what teams do you think will show the most interest? Would the 49ers be a good choice?

ShawnDHQ: The 49ers would be a good fit for him. I have Collins behined Sam Baker, but ahead of Carl Nicks

Has any other team shown interest in groves before the #29 pick?

ShawnDHQ: I could see dallas or san diego having interest as well>>

How strong of a WR class is this draft, and at what round does he see the best value for the niners to grab one?

ShawnDHQ: Best value would be in the Late-1st - Early-2nd. This year's receiver class is horrible compared to last year's.

Do you think # 29 is too early for Carson?

ShawnDHQ: Nah, that's great value for him

Compare Goser Cherilious with Kwame Harris. Pro's and Con's.

ShawnDHQ: I like Cherilus a lot more. He has that natural instinct that you really look for in a player. A bit of a meanstreak, he's not afraid to knock someone on their butt. I don't really see that in Harris. Cherilus is more instinctive>>

Is there a player you have your eye on that we might take in the 4th round who could be a steal?

ShawnDHQ: Dwight Lowery, Jordy Nelson, Jeremy Zuttah, Robert Felton

Whats your take on Antwaun Molden? He had a great combine, does his great workout #'s translate to the field?

ShawnDHQ: He's a very talented player who will need to be coached at the next level in order to become a more polished player. He definitely has the skills needed to play in the NFL>>

Please Mock draft the niners for us.

ShawnDHQ: 1. DeSean Jackson, 2. Quentin Groves, 3. Shawn Crable, 4. Tony Hills, 6. Colt Brennan, 7. Ben Moffitt

What are your thoghts on Limas Sweed??

ShawnDHQ: Very good player with a high ceiling, he just needs to stay healthy. has the potential to start in the NFL

More on Hardy: will the 9ers draft james hardy, even though we have someone that resembles his body type in johnson.

ShawnDHQ: If he's available at #29, I'd take Hardy in a heartbeat

King Dunlap had a disappointing senior year after he was benched in favor or a Freshman. Does he have enough to make it in the NFL?

ShawnDHQ: He does, he's just really going to need to be pushed

What DB's might the Niners be looking at? And what would be the earliest that the Niners might take a DB, maybe a FS...

ShawnDHQ: Thomas DeCoud could be a nice pick in the Early-3rd. I think that that's the earliest I'd take a DB for them. DaJuan Morgan maybe?

Could you please tell us whether we should wait on a linebacker, use thomas, and try to get laurinaitis next year?

ShawnDHQ: To go after Laurinaitis, the 49ers will have to have a Top 5 pick next year. They could also go after Rey Maualuga, who I think is a better pro prospect at this point

Could the Niners be interested in Reggie Smith? What if he fell to us in the 2nd round?

ShawnDHQ: He'd definitely have to be considered if he was there in the Early-2nd Round>>

Thank you for joining us today. Can you please tell us what we can expect from you and your site between now and the draft?

ShawnDHQ: www.draftheadquarters.com

Again, thank you for your time. Everyone will be checking out draftheadquarters.com and we look forward to reading more from you in the near future. 49ers fans, a transcript of this chat will be posted in the coming days. Thank you for your participation. Please be sure to check out www.49ersparadise.com and www.49erswebzone.com The conversation will now be opened up and un-moderated. Please feel free to continue to chat.
The opinions within this article are those of the writer and, while just as important, are not necessarily those of the site as a whole.


  • Niner Dog
    DRAFT THOUGHTS: When you look at the mocks, you realize a team can stumble by trying to take the best available at 29. WHY? Because at 29, the best available becomes, in this draft, 30 + players, so what should the Niners do? Pick the player at a position of need that can "contribute." IE: Mayo or Lofton or a right tackle [?] or maybe Connor or Laws [he's not a reach at 39]. Groves? He could be a bust--if he can't rush the passer with any authority and can't adapt to the LB position, what have you got? Same can be said for a receiver. Jackson could get popped in his first game and be out for the season because he's so damn light. Manningham would be a better choice. No question, the Niners could make a mistake-s with their first two selections. I think they need to see them as a duo--what works best for each pick to get the players that can contribute, regardless of the Best Available concept. How about "Best Able to Contribute Now category."
    Apr 9, 2008 at 12:21 PM
  • Frank
    I don't like his mock...I think it's a big mistake to take Jackson, especially at #1. He'e fast, but not really an accomplished receiver. Instead, I want the best OT on the board, whether it's Cherilus, Baker, whomever. If we don't protect our QB, all Jackson's speed in the world won't matter. With the 2nd pick, I want best DL/OLB. I wouldn't take a WR 'til 3rd round. There will still be talented guys on the board. I know some fans would like to see us take Brennan, but I wouldn't. We have other needs...like OL, DL, CB, etc. He wouldn't beat out O'Sullivan, meaning at best he'd be on the PS where another team could pluck him away anyway.
    Apr 6, 2008 at 12:34 AM

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