As Free Agency looms on the horizon, that same ray of light will shed on Isaac Sopoaga's future with the 49ers. Isaac Sopaga who turns 32 years old in 2013 will be a Free Agent on March 12th, unless the San Francisco 49ers offer the long time red and gold Defensive Tackle a new contract. Given the depth of talent at DT in Free Agency and NFL draft coupled with Isaac's age and limited versatility in Vic Fangio's 3-4 defense, it is highly unlikely Isaac will play football in 2013 as a 49er. There is the possibility that Isaac will be accept a low offer to remain with the 49ers, but San Francisco will still need to reinforce the defense line with football players that can play all three positions in the 3-4 scheme. After several hours of watching film, I have developed a list of top 5 candidates that Harbaalke should pursue in Free Agency.

5. Roy Miller-6'2" 310 lbs turns 26 years old this year and made 1.5M in 2012. He can control his offensive lineman. He moves well laterally and even drops into coverage at times. He's in the game only on 1st and 2nd downs and goal lines. He gets good penetration and gave David Baas a hard time against the NYG. He played a lot of 1 Gap defense and is very successful at it. He loses his footing often when he's in the trenches. He is a little gassed near the end of the game. He plays on a 4-3 defense.

4. Vance Walker-6'2" 304 lbs turns 26 years old this year and made 1.26M in 2012. He beat up K.Boothe from the NYG on every single play. He is a great run stopper and plays well in the pass. He can hold his position against the offensive line in the run game. He can play 2-Gap and plays in all situations but is rotated to be kept fresh. V.Walker is the most complete DL on the team. With ATL focused on convincing Tony Gonzalez to return to football and trying to sign Matt Ryan to a contract extension in addition to conducting new contract negotiations with William Moore and debating what to do with Ben Grimes, there is a chance that Vance Walker may slip into Free Agency.

3. Mike Devito-6'3 305 lbs turns 29 years old this year and made 2.5M in 2012, He can hold his position against the run play. He has great use of hands and has a natural push-pull move that he used regularly on Anthony Davis when the Jets played against the 49ers this past year. He can play all 3 positions in the 3-4 coming from a 3-4 defensive team. His lateral movement is not as good as one would like, but he gets very good penetration and is powerful at the point of attack.

2. Randy Starks-6'3" 305 lbs turns 30 years old this year and made 4M in 2012. He has very strong legs and can control the point and play 1-gap. He has deceptive quickness and good power. He uses his big body to shed OL. He takes a second to disengage, but can disengage easily. He has a non-stop motor and has good body quickness for a big guy on the inside. He is almost always on the field. He destroyed the Oakland Raiders LG and RG with penetration and gets off blocks to tackle RBs in the lane. He does a great job maintaining gaps against zone schemes.

1. Kevin Vickerson-6'5" 290 lbs turned 30 years old in January and made 1.7M. He can play 2 gap and has great power at the point of impact. He does a good job controlling the offensive linemans and can get penetration in the pass game. Denver rotates their linemans so he's not on the field every down. He was the main reason why Denver was good on the interior.