Tramaine Brock: An Exclusive Interview

Jul 19, 2012 at 9:46 PM

In an upcoming season where the San Francisco 49ers are facing all 5 of the top passing teams from last year, the cornerback position will be paramount for getting into the playoffs in 2012. In an exclusive interview with Tramaine Brock, I learned a lot about Tramaine Brock, the football player and the person. Below is a summary of the Question and Answer phone interview.

Q: First off, thanks for doing this interview. How are you feeling physically and what have you been doing in the offseason before minicamp to stay in shape?

A: I'm doing good physically. I'm doing rehab on my hand.It's not 100% yet, I broke it earlier last season. As far as workouts go, I'm doing a lot of conditioning: 20 yard and 60 yard sprints.

Q: Speaking of the offseason, you recently launched your very own website at What type of information should fans expect to find on this website?

A: Fans can find out about my biography and schools I went to. I have audio recordings of past interviews as well as articles about me. I'll post activities that I'm passionate about and keep fans in the loop on what I'm up to. It's a website where fans can get an opportunity to learn about me outside of being a football player.

Q: Coach Harbaugh talked about individuals who had perfect attendance during this offseason and your name was mentioned along with Ray McDonald, Justin Smith, and Isaac Sopoaga. What motivates you to work so hard?

A: My family is what motivates me. I love the game of football. I'm willing to be the best at the position I play. It's tough to play CB in this day and age and I want to be mentioned among the top names at the CB position later in my career.

Q: Do you think you work harder because you were an undrafted Free Agent?

A: Absolutely. As an undrafted free agent you're battling an uphill climb the second you enter the league, but I'm continuing to work hard.

Q: It's very rare that a NFL defense has all of their starters returning for another year. For a while there, everyone wasn't sure who would remain on the team with Ahmad Brooks, Dashon Goldon, and Carlos Rogers without contracts. How excited is that defense knowing that they'll be lining up with the same guys that were there last year?

A: We feel good about having everyone return. As far as the people that are behind those guys, we are going to keep learning and continue to keep getting better. You have all the backup guys there just competing to get better and that's what its all about.

Q: And really such a good defense with more depth than ever with the addition of some key FA acquisitions on both sides of the ball. How has Perrish Cox been performing in training camp?

A: He's doing well practicing at Nickle and CB and he's providing more depth and competition.

Q: You played primarily the safety position in college. How was that helped your game at the cornerback position?

A: I feel like I'm a more physical CB than most. I feel like I can come up and tackle and I'm not afraid to get physical.

Q: In an article about a month ago, The rookie WR from Illinois, Jenkins was asked about people that have helped him out and he mentioned your name. What type of advice do you give him, knowing that it was only a couple years ago that you were in his shoes?

A: My advice to them is to study the play book, spend extra hours in the film room, work hard. I tell them to pay attention during classes and in meetings. I also tell them to appreciate and work hard in special teams, because that will really work you out more than anything else.

Q: How does AJ Jenkins look in minicamp?

A: AJ Jenkins is looking good and looking better every week. Hopefully he can help us out at the WR position. He's fast.

Q: In college, you were part of a team that went 12-0. What about this year's team is similar to other successful football teams that have you been apart of?

A: We have all the key components to a champtionship team. We have good coaching staff. We have good players. Everybody goes out and gives 100%. Everyone wants to win.

Q: Have you gotten a chance to take a look at the regular season schedule? Green Bay, Detroit, New York Giants, New Orleans, New England. That's 5 playoff caliber teams that have a pass-first mentality. How do you prepare yourself for these teams?

A: Aside from executing my assignments, I watch CR and TB to see how they prepare themselves physically and mentally on the field. These 5 teams all like to throw the ball so the secondary is really going to be tested.

Q: What's your favorite superhero, if you have one?

A: Batman

Q: Last, will you be in line at midnight on Thursday to watch the new Batman movie?

A: Yeah, I'm only a couple blocks away so I'm going to watch it.
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  • Oakland-Niner
    Good stuff...Our CB position is deep. And it better be with all the 3,4 and 5 WR sets we will see.
    Jul 24, 2012 at 11:39 AM
  • Diego
    nice piece my man!
    Jul 21, 2012 at 9:56 PM
    Response: Thank you.

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