San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly was once again asked to share his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest and his stance.

Kelly has supported Kaepernick and his position throughout the season and called the cause of the quarterback's protest "heinous." He was asked what his reaction is to Kaepernick's compliments regarding Kelly's support. "I think the comment was very self-explanatory," Kelly said. "There's people that are dying senselessly – both police officers and citizens of this country – and if you don't see that, then I think you're either blind or ignorant.

"I mean, there's a huge issue going on in this country and I don't think anybody can say that they think it's ok. I don't think you're going to get that from anybody and that's just what I meant. There's a lot of senseless things going on in this nation that need to be addressed. So I support his take on that."

"I've had conversations with Kap," Kelly continued. "I know he's got a lot going on on his plate and I think part of that is making sure that he understands that people do support him in terms of where he is and what he stands for and what the things are. I think sometimes he's very misunderstood. I think people's reaction toward what he's trying to do is very misunderstood. But I think Colin has a clear heart and a clear vision of what he's trying to get accomplished and I support that."

It was announced on Tuesday that Kaepernick would become the team's new starting quarterback, in time to face the Buffalo Bills this weekend. On Wednesday, Kaepernick signed a restructured deal that eliminates the future guarantees in salary should the quarterback suffer a serious injury.