Levi's recently completed a charity drive with the 49ers, collecting clothes over a 2 week period. Levi's then used the denim collected to create a literal Field of Jeans – covering the field at Levi's Stadium with 18,000+ pairs of jeans, all of which will be donated to Goodwill locations in the Bay Area, keeping more than 12 tons of textiles out of landfills.

Check out this amazing time lapse video, photos and some stats about the Field of Jeans below.

Time Lapse – http://lvstm.co/1Fi1Hws

  • The Field of Jeans creation took 16 hours to create and used more than 18,850 pairs of jeans.
  • The jeans collected weigh more than 12 tons, that's 11,000 lbs. MORE than the weight of the 49ers' active roster.
  • The jeans on the field outweigh the classic San Francisco Trolley cars by 9,000 lbs.
  • Approximately 171,000 pounds of CO2 emissions from landfill were avoided, which is equivalent to the emissions generated from 36 round trips by car from San Francisco to New York.