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Oct 21, 2012 at 11:03 AM--

On Saturday, October 20, 49erswebzone.com received its 100,000,000th visit. We want to thank the fans for their continued dedication and support of this site. Thank you for helping us reach this milestone. We are all very appreciative.

Started in 1997 as a smaller and much lesser known site, we are currently celebrating our 15th Anniversary.

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Seahawks ran unneeded play late in win over 49ers to get WR David Moore $100,000 bonus

By Kirk Larrabee
Jan 3, 2021

There are times when a winning team running an unnecessary play with the game in hand would be something that falls under the category of poor sportsmanship, but it turns out the Seattle Seahawks had a good reason to do so against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The Seahawks had the lead and the ball with 22 seconds to play in their 26-23 win over the 49ers, which is a situation where teams would usually kneel on the ball to run out the clock. But they decided instead to run a short five-yard pass play to wide receiver David Moore, which left some observers confused. After the game, it was revealed the Seahawks ran the play for Moore so he could get a performance bonus of $100,000. Moore's contract stipulates that he gets the bonus for 35 receptions on the

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