A commercial encouraging local residents to vote yes on Measure J has started airing. The Measure would allow the San Francisco 49ers to build a new stadium in Santa Clara.

The Measure has gained some opposition from residents for a number of reasons. They feel the the announced cost of the stadium for local residents has been misleading and that the facility may bring traffic and crime that commonly accompanies new sports venues.

However, the stadium would create new jobs and new income for the city. It would make put Santa Clara on the national map with numerous hosted sports events, concerts, and possibly even a Super Bowl.

According to a poll by the Santa Clara Business Journal, 58 percent of the respondents favored the plans for the new stadium while only 31 percent did not.

The ballot states that the city will lease the new stadium for football games and events and that no city funds will be used for its construction or maintenance.

While mail in ballots started on May 4, actual voting will take place on June 8.

View the commercial: