What Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy, other 49ers said after 24-21 playoff win vs. Packers

Jan 20, 2024 at 11:59 PM--

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Brock Purdy, and others spoke with reporters after Saturday's 24-21 win over the Green Bay Packers in a Divisional Playoff game. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcripts provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening comments:

"All we got right now is [WR] Deebo [Samuel] left with a shoulder. Got evaluated for head injury, but that was fine. Wasn't able to return."

QB Brock Purdy looked a little skittish tonight but on that final drive, he went six for seven attempts for 48 yards and completed over 85% of his passes. What did you see from him tonight?

"I think what you just said there, I think it was almost the story of kind of our whole team. I think there were times that we were all off at times. What was cool, I thought everyone who had a few plays that stuck out that, either ended a drive or was why we didn't get a first down. Same thing on defense, even on special teams. But everyone who did do that stuff made a huge play at the end, in all three phases to get us back into it. Brock, he made some big plays in this game, missed a couple. But leading us down on that last drive and getting the win, that's all you can ask for."

On the road to the Super Bowl, you got one down but some more to go. What will you focus on the most coming up this week in preparation taking that performance?

"We'll sit there and watch tomorrow, find out who we're going to play. We'll review this game on Monday. Coaches will work on two days for a game plan. It's not just one area. We just want to play our best football. Do everything we can to play our best so we feel we can win every game when we do that. We don't feel like we did that today, but we still found a way to win, which I'm very proud of the guys in there. I thought that was as big of a mental challenge and just a character game as any game I've been a part of. When things aren't going how you want on offense, defense, special teams, the rain, guys slipping a lot, losing Deebo early, having to change some things with that. Just some of the mistakes we made to overcome, it was a gut check for everybody. I couldn't be more proud of the people in there and just how they persevered."

Initial impression on the severity of Deebo's shoulder?

"I don't know yet. He tried to come back, couldn't do it. I know he did something similar versus Cleveland. So we'll see tomorrow."

Is there something specific that Green Bay was doing that was throwing off your offense a little bit? Did you adjust on that last series that you did anything different there?

"No. They were very similar to what they were on tape, which is a real good defense. I think they got a lot of good players. You didn't realize until we got studying these last two weeks how good of a defense they are. I know their numbers weren't there throughout the whole year, but we knew they were going to be a challenge going into this game. They made some plays, credit to them. I thought we missed a few too that could've kind of helped us stay on the field a little bit longer. Even starting out on the opening drive, we had a real good look. We ended up getting a false start that kind of took that away. The next play, we didn't have the same look. Fortunately, they dropped that pick. But the whole day was just a little off, but guys stuck with it. Even like 2nd-and-6 right there at the end. Getting that drop leads us to 3rd-and-6 and BA [WR Brandon Aiyuk] made a hell of a play to keep us on the field. So, everybody had their part in both sides of the ball."

Looking back, do you question your strategy to be less aggressive at the end of the first half than go for the two for one?

"I like that they didn't score. I like that we won at the end of the day. So we did try to score. We had a chance there on second down. I thought we had a chance for BA over the middle. It would've been a big play that got us inside the 10 with two shots to take at the end zone. We didn't have the time to get it over the MIKE and we ended up checking it down. Then we didn't get it. But that's how it works out. We make sure they don't get another chance, but it's not like we were just playing for a field goal. We called for a big play. They played pretty deep."

How much did the rain impact your offense?

"It is always a factor, but it was for both sides. I think the biggest thing was the turf, the field with the rain. I thought it affected the defense a little bit more just watching. I saw [LB] Dre [Greenlaw] slip a couple times on one big third down. I saw [CB Charvarius Ward] Mooney slip on a big third down. I think it was [S Tashaun Gipson Sr.] Gip once. I know [WR] Jauan [Jennings] slipped on a big third down for us. The one that just went off his hands. He slipped from what I saw out there right before that, so he couldn't really jump. So I think that was the wetness with the new turf."

How stressful is it to be in that position as the No. 1 seed with the Packers controlling the game and it coming down to the final drive?

"Same as it always is, not because we're the one seed just because you're in the playoffs. We've been in the playoffs a number of times. You know what happens if you lose. We feel we got a really good team. We talked a lot about it last night and we know what's on the line. Anytime you play a game that's do or die, everyone knows what that it's about, especially our guys. They've been through that a number of times in the last few years. We all know what that feels like when you don't get it done and that's on your mind throughout the week. That's always on your mind during the game. But that's why I'm so proud of the guys when it's not going right and you know how big of a deal that is, you still got to perform. The guys did big time. Got the plays that we needed to win. The play that Dre made there at the end to get the pick. I still have mixed emotions. I can't believe he didn't get down right away. That was kind of like the whole day. All the guys I would get really upset with are also the guys had a lot of love for at the end too because they were the ones that pulled it off to get us the W."

Did you get any sense at all that the layoff affected you guys with the time off?

"I don't know. Could have been that. Could have been the rain. Could be good defense. Those are just stuff that you got to talk about. I thought we handled that as good as we could. We had a hard practice that week. We played guys as much as we could. I know we sat Brock, but there's not much I would've done differently."

Dre Greenlaw seems to have a unique ability to make those big plays in those big situations. What can you say you say about the type of person that he is and what leads him to be able to do that?

"Dre just being able to play today. He's been battling here for these two weeks trying to get back and get healthy for the game. He inspires the heck out of all of us. The way he runs, the way he hits. For him to make those plays, catching the ball when they send both to him. He's really trying. We'll put him on offense if he really wants to run with the ball that bad. He could definitely get down a lot sooner.

Were you yelling get down?

"Oh yeah, I was."

You mentioned having to adjust when Deebo went out early. How does that change things for you on the offense?

"It changes a lot of stuff, especially when you have wristbands and things like that. You just got to switch some guys around, which is always a challenge for those guys. It happened during the Cleveland game. We didn't handle it that well. I thought we handled it better today than we did then. But it is a huge challenge. Deebo's obviously one of our better players, but he also is a unique guy that goes to some certain spots, so you got to you got to be adjusting that all game."

You got the ball back with 6 something left on the clock. Did you call it as if it was the last drive? Was that in your mind the whole time?

"It was. At the beginning it's not. You want to make it normal football. It always is normal football to me until you're out of timeouts and you realize the other team could kneel it. So at first we started moving it, once it got to about three and a half you realize it's probably going to be the last drive. But you also to where we're going to use four downs if we get in that situation. But you also know when you have three timeouts that it doesn't have to be that way. You can give it back to them with one minute if you use your three timeouts right and still have a chance. But towards the end, you knew it was the deal when we were inside the 10 and I think there was a 1:03 left. I think we scored at 1:07 and that's the hard thing. You don't want to score too fast, but you sure as hell want to score. So, you can't be too picky with that."

Why did you call a run for Jauan Jennings?

"Great question. Those are some of the challenges when something goes down and you call a wristband number. I forgot to tell him to not read Hessi. But sometimes we just Ron Burgundy our wristbands. Then you look up and Jauan's in the backfield and you can't stop it."

Why S Logan Ryan over S Ji'Ayir Brown tonight?

"We knew that we kind of decided that when Ji'Ayir had missed about four weeks. I think it was two games, but he had been out four weeks. He's been awesome in practice. I love Ji'Ayir. It has nothing to do with him. Just our experience of playoff games being around us. I think it's a lot when you got a rookie who hasn't played in a month, who is a very passionate, aggressive player. I just don't want to put all that on him, to have him go out in the playoff game when he hasn't been out there for four weeks. Especially when you have a veteran behind him who could just calm down a little bit. If things would've gone differently, we would've put Ji'Ayir in right away. But we don't want to do that really to Ji'Ayir."

What about RB Christian McCaffrey and how he's able to finish off runs and get into the end zone?

"Oh, Christian's unbelievable. He told me coming out that that play he was going to score. It was called 18 MIKE. It was part of our openers. We didn't get to it until the second drive. He goes, that MIKE's going to score. Now we didn't get the exact look we wanted. So we were a little surprised on it. But Christian was right, he is a man of his word."

How about the resilience of your kicker to miss and then come back in a pressure game like this and make a big one?

"That's huge. Getting the one blocked earlier. I think it was a 52-yarder. It was tough. We probably would've gone for it, if it wasn't 4th-and-9. It was one that we were planning on going for it. But 4th-and-9 seemed a little far. It was in his range. I definitely would've wish I went for it if he missed it. He made it and that helps me a lot. I really appreciate him doing that because that's why we were able to win there at the end."

When you think about the guys you have in that room there's every reason to think that you could come back and win a game like that, but you hadn't had to all year. What does it mean going forward that you have now other than you're obviously playing next week?

"I just like that we get another week with our team. Every game's different. It's what we always talk about. We have a lot of confidence in our team. We believe we're the No. 1 seed. We believe we earned that. We believe we should be that, but it doesn't matter for three hours. You got to play like it every week. That's one of the best things about the NFL and football, that if you don't show up your season's over. It's not just showing up, you got to take care of that football. We got two turnovers today. I'm real proud of our guys for not turning over back. But we did have a block kick. We had a couple misplays where we were slipping and the ball's going to tip. But I'm just so proud of the guys that when things weren't perfect, with all the pressure, with everything on the line, they were so good to perform and get it done."

As you personally experienced are you miserable? Are you zoned in and not thinking about it?

"It's more angry. No, when you're in competition, it's a battle. You're aggressive. You don't think of it that way. You know how big a deal things are, but you're aggressive. You stay that way. You got to be careful sometimes because when things aren't going well and you keep that mindset you can't just stay aggressive and think that's going to work. You got to always try to be smart, play it right, but you never take away that mindset. You wait until the game's over and then you can worry about everything and react however you want to react. But in a game that doesn't change."

Was Brock off or was there miscommunication with the receivers? What was going on with the passing game?

"Which play?"

Do you have a combination?

A combination of what?"

Just the inaccuracies?

"There's defensive linemen you got to throw over and stuff. Sometimes the guy hooks up in a zone and you think they're going to move and you can't see them. So it just gets off fingertips. I think that third down that him and Ray-Ray, we had a swirl route. Ray-Ray beat the guy hard at the beginning of the line. I don't know if he thought he should put his hand up going to the corner, but Brock threw a swirl. So there was a couple things in that that I think he went to an off schedule and Brock threw it in rhythm. So those things showed up without a doubt. But I also like some of the plays that the guys made. Being able to drop it in over there, over that MIKE to Jauan on that big third down. The second and sixth, it was a big one that we were trying to go deep and they were too deep and we checked it down to [TE] George [Kittle] who made a bunch of big plays in this game. But he took his eyes off it, tried to get up the field too fast to move the chains and dropped one. Which leads you to 3rd-and-6. They had real tight coverage on BA and Brock threw a perfect low ball to BA. That's really tough to catch and BA went down and got it. So no, by no means was it perfect. I was very frustrated but also extremely proud. I'm really pumped that we could play another week."

Can you share with us what you said to the guys after this game?

"I just told them how proud I was of them. They knew the deal. I didn't have to say much. We knew that didn't go as clean as we wanted it to in all three phases. There wasn't one phase that was just like, man, we made that easy. All three of the phases was a little bit felt like we were keeping both teams in the game. I felt we had to do it at the end. They gave us a couple chances before that and we didn't get it done. We got it done there at the end and the defense was back up who had a couple times that they had missed stuff. They had to get it done on that last drive and they got it done when it mattered the most. So that's why we're sitting here with the win. Going to sit here and watch these games tomorrow, find out how we're playing. So excited to get ready for the next challenge."

49ers QB Brock Purdy

It wasn't one of your better games, but then that final drive you really locked in and made a number of plays. Was it hard to block out kind the early part of the game and focus in that final sequence, that final drive?

"I mean, yeah, there's obviously plays that you think about as the game goes on. Like, man, I could have been better here. I could have hit that guy. He was open. You've got to just be better on third down. All that kind of stuff can run through your mind. But it's a testament to our team because the defense got a stop at the end, the field goal kicker missed and it's like we have what we wanted right in front of us. And so you have to clean the slate. You have to have a clean mind and not try to force anything, take what the defense gives you and find a way. We had time on the clock, so it's not like you have to be a superhero, make a play or anything. It's do what we call the quarterback pack tells you and go through the progressions and find a way."

Your ball placement wasn't as precise as it normally is. Was the rain an issue for you? Did it impact you?

"Yeah, I think early on. Obviously, I put on the glove for the first drive it was coming down and then it sprinkled, so I took it off. So, I was still trying to sort of figure out what I wanted to do and I was sort of fed up with the glove, so I just obviously was throwing like I normally do. And there were some times where I'm dropping back, ball's a little wet from the grass, so sort of affected some accuracy and stuff, but that's football, so I have to be better in that area."

What was clicking on that final drive that didn't click throughout most of the rest of the game?

"I mean, at the end of the day, I think I was just able to go through progressions and like I said, get to the check down efficiently and move the chains and stay up rather than get behind. Obviously, we got to a third down, [WR Brandon Aiyuk] B.A. was clutch on it and made a great play and you need that throughout a drive. But, I think early on in the game there were just moments where the check down was there and I was missing the check downs. Their defense did a good job with playing soft, keeping everything in front of them, sort of taking away our shots and as a quarterback you've got to be efficient and hit the check downs. And so, at the end I was able to do that. O-Line did a great job, boys did a great job in getting open and we found a way."

I'm sure it's less stressful for you to have big leads going in the fourth quarter, but to get a comeback win like this, was it important for you to get one of those under your belt and how can it be beneficial for you?

"Yeah, I think it is important. Earlier this year we had games like Cleveland and Minnesota and Cincinnati at one point, you know you're down and you have to find a way. It's the fourth quarter, it's the NFL and then obviously we're in the postseason now, so we were all like, all right, this is it, this is our season. And so, for us to capitalize like that was huge for all of us. And then obviously for myself as a quarterback, it's good for confidence and all that, but we have too many good players on this team, so many players that are difference makers and we've got a great defense. And so, for us to not find a way, it's not right. So, for us to finally have a game like this and pull through at the end was huge for all of us."

There's been so much talk about getting back to the NFC Championship Game and FB Kyle Juszczyk actually got a little bit emotional about it in the locker room. What does it mean to kind of get another crack at the NFC Championship?

"It's been a fast year. Obviously it didn't end how we wanted it to last year, but we've taken it one week at a time. We were all-in this week. Green Bay is a great team and so to be able to pull through and finish that for us to get back to the NFC Championship, obviously I think guys are healthy for the most part after this game and we won it. We've been thinking about it, it's been sort of in the back of our minds like last year we had a team to do it and we feel like we didn't have a real opportunity at it after the quarterbacks got hurt in that game. So, I think we're really excited for it, but we're going to take it one day at a time, find out who we play tomorrow and be ready to roll for it."

I talked to former 49ers DL Junior Bryant yesterday. He spoke about the identity of this team and he talked about the weather, said that that could pose a problem for you guys, but he thought that you had the identity to push through any adversity. Is that kind of the sentiment that you guys are echoing right now in the locker room? Is that how you guys feel knowing that Junior Bryant, a former Niner says that about you? Is that what you guys see in each other?

"A hundred percent. Like I said, it's the NFL, it's football, they have to deal with it too. It's not just our team's going to go through it, it's everybody who's on the field. So, at the end of the day, I'm so excited and proud that we got it done in all aspects. The defense did their thing when it mattered most. The offense did at the end. Special teams did a great job. So, for us it's like, man, it's football. Weather's going to happen and you have to find a way and we did. So that's the character of this team, that's what we stand for. And we've all got each other's back, it's not always pretty, but we've got each other's back. We got some real love in this locker room and everyone wants to play for each other."

On the throw to Aiyuk over the middle on that last drive there, where are you trying to put that and what kind of catch did he make?

"I saw it was man, I saw that the middle of the field was open and that's where he was going. He did a great job of getting inside leverage and making his break. Obviously it was tight coverage and for me it was like, all right, just try to put it out in front of him and have it just be him, be able to get it and he did. He did a great job of getting underneath it and not letting the ball hit the ground. B.A.'s a baller man. Proud of him."

Why was it such a struggle to get Aiyuk the ball in this game? He's been so good all season.

"Honestly, that's just sort of how the play calls go. It's not like we're going to get B.A. so many touches or anything. If it presents itself, it presents itself. But, I think, like I said, Green Bay did a good job. It was just keeping everything in front of them. B.A.'s a guy that can make explosive plays and we have him dialed up for those kinds of plays. Like I said, Green Bay sort of just made me go to the check down pretty quick and they did a good job with covering B.A., but B.A. also got open on some plays that I think I could hit him and then at the end we were able to connect well. So, that's the game."

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk

Brandon, what was said to San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy after some of the incompletions or some of the three and outs?

"I'm not sure what they said to him. It was just stuff here and stuff there. Just playoff football, it wasn't as clean. But, we got the dub."

What does today's win and comeback say about the character of this team?

"We have guys that play for each other, that love playing together. I think in games like that, you can see it the most."

As you guys get ready to head into your fourth NFC Championship game in the last five years, what does that say about this team? [What does that say about] the expectation here and where you guys are trying to go?

"My third. We're trying to go further than that. I've already been there, like I said, three times. Well, this is about to be the third time. We're looking to handle business because there is something on the other side of that."

49ers DL Arik Armstead

For fans, tonight felt like a rollercoaster of a game. How does it feel on the player side?

"Definitely, it's playoff football. Do or die. [It was] a hard-fought game that came down to the wire. So there definitely was a lot of emotion out there. But fortunately, we got the dub and we earned another right to keep playing."

Once again, this defense stepped up big and made plays when they had to. That probably doesn't surprise you anymore. But, what does that say about this defensive unit?

"Just the resiliency as a team. Everything is not going to go perfectly in a game. There's going to be mistakes, there's going to be big plays. But you just have to keep fighting and that's the type of team that we have. We're always going to fight until the end. And we were able to get it done today."

This is the third NFC title game in three years, but this is the first time it will be at home. How special will that be, to have one more game in front of the Faithful?

"Huge. We haven't had one here, at home, since 2019. Playing in front of our home crowd – they were super loud today, even in the rain. There was a lot of excitement. So we're going to need it again next week, and I know they will."

49ers DL Nick Bosa

How would you assess your performance?

"It was a grind. I think I left everything out there. I was getting to the quarterback a little bit and [Green Bay Packers QB Jordan] Love was getting rid of it. We didn't really get into the game that we wanted to play as a D-line. We wanted to get some points and get after him but he was getting rid of it. He is a really good quarterback.

What is it going to be like for the 49ers to host the NFC title game?

"It is going to be awesome. We love the Faithful, love the energy in the stadium and we are going to enjoy this for a short period of time. We have an extra day to get right for us come out and play a lot cleaner."

Do you feel like the defense has grown this season in containing mobile quarterbacks?

"We have a lot of experience against it. [Green Bay Packers QB Jordan] Love was not as much of a threat in that department as some of the other guys we played but that's the way the league is going."

49ers S Tashaun Gipson Sr.

Did you guys feel rusty?

"We missed a field goal and then [QB] Brock [Purdy] went down there, did what MV Purdy has been doing all year and obviously the rest is history. So I wouldn't call it rust. I think with the attention to details we have to be a little better obviously but we have so many great players on offense and defense that you can make a couple of mistakes and still come out with a win. That's a testament to the guys that we have."

Collectively as defense, how much did you guys have to say 'hang in there, get some stops, and we might be able to turn this thing around'?

"I think if you look around and you look at that defense, like I've been saying since I got here, you have gold jacket guys everywhere. [LB] Fred [Warner] coming out there, he's got smile on his face. It was down to crunch time. Nobody wavered, everybody confidence was equivalent to if we was up 10 points. Nobody panicked. I think that we just collectively looked at each other and said, 'Hey, if this game has to come down on us, we have to make a stop'. We have to do our part, we have to do our one third. And I think that's exactly what we did and obviously we came out with a win. So it's a great day to be a 49er man."

49ers LB Dre Greenlaw

Could you hear the sidelines yelling at you to get down there at the end?

"Oh yeah. I heard them, but [San Francisco 49ers LB Fred Warner] told me I was supposed to get a pick six, so it was kind of his fault. He was like, 'man, you are getting a pick six.' So I try to get one every time I get the ball. But yeah, I know I need to go down."

Can you walk us through the play? What'd you see and how'd you come up with that?

"They had men lined up to the left. We knew they were trying to get the ball deep and get in field-goal range. We were just playing deep and short. My guy went to the flat, so I was able to just have eyes on the quarterback a little bit. I saw him throwing across his body and was just able to make a play."

[San Francisco 49ers HC] Kyle [Shanahan] said, "If you want to run the ball so much, you should ask to play offense." Are you going to lobby for that at all?

"Oh yeah. Put me out there. That's what I used to do in high school. Come on now."

49ers WR Jauan Jennings

Do you want some big catches on third down? Just talk about some of the big plays you made on the money down.

"First and foremost, thanks to God, I can't do this without him. I can't do this without this amazing team. I just made some plays. My number was called and I'm just thankful to make them."

[San Francisco 49ers LB] Dre Greenlaw had two huge interceptions. What was the reaction on the sidelines seeing him get those picks?

"I was just glad he got them. The game was just up and down. I was just trying to stay focused, ready to come out for the offensive side of the ball. To see him make those plays, he's a big man. Love to Dre."

What does the comeback say about this team's character, mettle and experience in the postseason?

"We just never give up on each other. The game had a lot of ups and down, but the belief we have in each other is stronger than any one play. We just have to have each other's back the whole game. We knew it was going to be four quarters of football, not two."

You guys talked a lot about how it ended last year in the NFC Championship Game. So what does it feel like now to be going back there?

"It feels great. It's just another week with your brothers. We sacrificed a lot, week-in-and-week-out. I have one more week with our brothers. That's all we can ask for. That means everything right now."

49ers TE George Kittle

Did you guys feel like this thing is slipping away from you? You come in with all of the pressure of being the No. 1 seed and the Packers just stayed around and seemed to control this game.

"Slipping away? No, it definitely felt like our offense wasn't as rhythmic as it usually is. It probably wasn't our best game of football that we've played all year. So slipping away? No. We were within one score pretty much the whole time, right? We have a lot of guys that can go for 75 yards, so I'm never really worried about that."

Are you excited to be back in the NFC Championship Game? What are your thoughts? How are you feeling?

"I feel great right now. Very happy. Winning is awesome, especially in the playoffs, especially at home. I don't have to fly anywhere. When you win in the playoffs, it's a big deal. It's hard to do. Everybody in the playoffs is a good football team. You saw that tonight. Green Bay took advantage of a lot of things we didn't do well. I don't really think about last year's NFC Championship Game. I don't really dwell on that too much. I'm just excited for the opportunity get one step closer to our goal. When you're a kid, your goal is to get to the NFL and win a Super Bowl, right? That's been my goal ever since I was five years old. When I was six, I was playing catch in the backyard with my dad and he's throwing me Super Bowl game-winning touchdown passes. That's been my dream forever. To be one step closer to that, and I'm not looking far ahead, but I'm excited just for the opportunity to play in it again."

49ers RB Christian McCaffrey

When you get the ball back with six-plus minutes left, knowing you need to score a touchdown, what was going through your mind?

"Just one play at a time. I think we're built for these moments. We didn't play well at all and still had a chance to go out there and execute at the end. It's a sign of a high character team. We just have to correct our mistakes for this next week."

As you said, there was a lot of adversity in this game. What do you think you guys can take out of this game into the next round?

"Just the ability to persevere when you're not playing well for one. That game just felt off, pretty much the whole game until the end. To be able to persevere through the adversity and to have mature guys on the team who can strap it up and go out there and find a way to get a win at the end, it's a sign of a good team even when you're playing bad."

Do you feel like it was the layoff that made it hard to get started?

"I don't know what the reasons were. Playoff football is tough. Sometimes when you have a little time off, it's hard to replicate football. You can call it that, but we'll never know for sure. I don't like making huge, broad statements after games until I've seen the tape, but it's just little things here and there that I know we can get corrected."

How would you describe the emotion of the team in the locker room after the game?

"Really happy. Anytime you win a playoff game, it's exciting, no matter how you do it. The win is the most important thing. I love those guys in that locker room and am just proud to go to work with them."

49ers LB Fred Warner

What is the sense in the locker room? Is it relief? How do you guys feel after a game like that, where you were pushed to the edge by a team?

"We feel exhausted. That took everything. It took everyone. We knew it'd be a close game. That's a heck of a team and they gave us everything. This is the playoffs. We knew we had to find a way to win no matter what. I think we wanted to go out there and win it big, where it wasn't that close. At the same time, I'm looking at it like, man, that's how you have to get it done. We talk about it all the time, grimy wins. That was as grimy as it gets. I think that is going to help us going forward – knowing that it doesn't matter what type of game it is, we can win anyway. So that's a big time win right there by our team.

On six of their eight trips, they got inside the red zone but they only finished with 21 points. How were you guys able to bow up and keep them from getting into the end zones here?

"It was unacceptable, the way that we were playing them to start the drives. We kept giving up explosive plays and I have to look at it to see exactly what was going on. Like you mentioned, standing up in those red zone opportunities was crucial because imagine if we were giving up touchdowns instead of field goals. We came up big with that missed field goal at the end. That's something we have to clean up. I would love to look at it and watch it off of a win, rather than a loss at home."

Does a win like this bring you guys a little closer together or unite the room a little bit more?

"Of course. Any time you go through hard things together as a group, that's going to harden you, that's going to bring you closer. If we're ever in that situation again, then we know we can look each other in the eye and know that we can get it done, no matter what."

49ers OL Trent Williams

What was the huddle like, knowing you had to go on that last drive, march the length of the field and score a touchdown to win it?

"We told each other, 'There are six minutes left. This can be, if we don't approach it the right way, this can be the last drive of the season.' So, everybody had to put their big boy pants on and march the ball down the field and we did. So it was tough and hats off to Green Bay. They are a heck of a team. They caught their stride late and their record is not indicative of how good that team is."

Did they surprise you guys or did you know how tough this game was going to be?

"No, they didn't surprise us. Obviously in the playoffs, especially in a division round, nobody's overlooking anybody. Especially after watching them dismantle the Dallas [Cowboys] like they did. We knew that they were hitting their stride. They have a really, really talented quarterback and a really talented defense that flies around. Those guys create havoc."

What does it say about this team that you were able to get a grimy win? A win where you don't play well, but you still figure a way to pull it out. Does this check that box? What does it say to be able to do that?

"Yeah, I think it does check the box, whatever that means. I don't know if that helps you going forward, but I really do think that being able to grind it out and get a touchdown versus a really good defense and put the game in our hands, I think that is important. We do need that. So it does check a box. It doesn't help you for next week but it does give us a little token of confidence to know that we can get it done."

49ers DL Chase Young

What was it like going out in front of the 49ers home crowd?

"It was great. I love the fans. They were in the entire game with us, I appreciate the Faithful."

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of dogs on defense. Does anything ever surprise you with what you guys get done on the field?

"No, [LB] Dre [Greenlaw] got the two picks. Nobody was really surprised, we just know that's him. He turns into a running back when he gets the ball. I know we got them dogs, we just have to keep dogging."

Speaking of dogs, Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones. Did anything surprise you about him out there?

"No, Aaron is one hell of a running back and as a defense we have a lot of respect for that guy. We knew he was going to make his plays and we knew we had to limit them."

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Opening Comments:

"Well, I think anytime there's a finality to the season, it's always tough unless you're the last team standing, and for us to lose this game certainly stings. I'm sure it's going to sting for a long time, but I was proud of the effort of our guys, our ability to weather some real adversity throughout the course of the season and stick together. I told the guys, I think part of the reason it stings so bad right now is we fully believed and fully expected to win this game. I give San Francisco credit, they made more plays in some of those critical situations down the stretch. It's a tough football team, but I felt like we had plenty of opportunities to put the game out of reach and unfortunately, just didn't do enough. And it's never one play, because I'm sure a lot of it's going to come down to the missed field goal, but there were plenty of opportunities. You go back in the first half and have three red zone opportunities and have six points. There's a lot of plays out there that if one play goes different, we'd probably have a different result right now but again, give those guys credit. I got a lot of respect for the players and coaches over there. Obviously, I'm close with a lot of those guys but this hurts. I hurt for our team. I hurt for our coaches, I hurt for our fans. This is a special group and one of the tough things about the National Football League is that group will never be together again as a team. There's so much turnover each and every year, but their ability to stay together when a lot of stuff was hitting the fan I couldn't be more proud than to be able to stand up in front of that group, and it's a special group, and I think that it's a young group, that there's a lot of promise for the future, but nothing's guaranteed and our guys are going to have to attack this offseason. We were talking to the guys with a championship mindset, and they've got to put in championship work if we expect to get those championship results. And so, it's going to be a very important offseason for us. But yeah, I just hurt for those guys right now."

What do you think Green Bay Packers K Anders Carlson missed? He ended up missing a lot of kicks, but he looked pretty good in camp.

"Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I think if we had the answer we would've fixed it, right? So, certainly just got to work on the consistency. We've seen him do it, we know he's capable, but you've got to be consistent in order to last in this league."

Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love's obviously been really good this year. What do you think happened on a couple of those last drives where he missed some of those throws over the middle?

"Yeah, I know you guys get annoyed when I say I have to go back and look at it, but I think that's only fair. We just didn't make enough plays and I'm mad about a couple of the play calls, so it's unfortunate."

How would you sum up his season tonight?

"I think he's had an outstanding season. I know it didn't end the way we wanted it to. I couldn't be more proud of who he is as a man, first and foremost, as a leader of this team. I know this one's going to hurt him. I'm sure he'll be really hard on himself and he's just got to use it as fuel to continue to get better. I think we saw so much growth throughout the course of the season not only from just his ability to go out there and playing consistent winning football but also, I think he grew as a leader and I think that's very important, obviously to be the franchise quarterback that I expect him to be for a long time around here. I love working with him. I think that's a special room. I think [Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks Coach] Tom Clements is, I've told you guys how I feel about him, and [Green Bay Packers Assistant Quarterbacks Coach] Connor Lewis is in there and they do a great job with these guys. It just sucks right now."

It's hard to see upstairs, or hard to tell from up there, but how much did the rain affect the passing game? Was it much?

"No, not at all I don't think."

With a young kicker like Carlson, what's the message to him when he has a miss like that in such a big spot?

"Yeah, you've just got to be resilient. You've got to find a way to get more consistent. Like I said, I think a lot of young kickers in this league go through some growing pains and unfortunately it will get magnified because of the magnitude of this game. But, you've got to be tough minded, you've got to be resilient, you've got to be willing to work and find ways to get better."

What do you think San Francisco's defense did, especially late in the game, to throw Jordan off this game?

"Nothing. I mean, give them credit. They made plays, but we just didn't make the plays."

What did you think about how your defense played today?

"I thought it was fantastic. Certainly, would like to get a stop at the end, and that's one of the best offenses in this league. It's one of the best football teams in this league, and like I said, there were so many opportunities. I thought in the first half, even in the second half, where we just didn't take advantage of them and that stinks."

How long do you think it'll take for you to get over this and then really take a big picture view of what you guys accomplished this season?

"I don't know. I can't tell you. I know it's hard right now to kind of see through everything and I am proud of these guys, but it's more just the ability to keep competing, to stick together. I mean, there were some real, tough moments in our season when we lost some tough games, and this is one of them, quite frankly. But I've got the utmost confidence that the guys in that locker room, our staff, everybody, will stick together."

Packers QB Jordan Love

What'd you see on that last play? What were you hoping? What were you thinking?

"The play broke down. I was scrambling to the right. I saw [Green Bay Packers WR] Christian [Watson] over the middle and tried forcing one into him. I thought I could make the play. I didn't see the backside linebacker. They made a great play."

On the two passes over the middle to Green Bay TE Tucker Kraft and Green Bay RB Adam Jones, are you expecting them to be in a certain spot or are those just misses?

"The one to Kraft, I missed it. I was a little bit behind him. He was running crossing route and missed it and obviously got tipped up and picked. The one to Jones was kind of off schedule. We just weren't on the same page there. I missed that one as well."

How was it throwing the ball tonight with rain on and off?

"It was obviously raining a good amount. It's a challenge that presents itself, but I don't think it was affecting too much in the passing game."

You had such a good season. You guys improved so much -- you and the group as a whole. You lose this game that you had a really good chance of winning. What's your overall feeling right now?

"It's very tough. Like you said, we had the opportunity to win that game and didn't capitalize on it. So it's a tough way to end the season."

What made things in the red zone so tough tonight?

"I think they did a good job in the red zone. I have to give them credit, but I think they just did a good job. We weren't able to finish in the end zone, so give them credit for that."

Maybe you don't have the answer right now, but where do you feel like you improved the most this season and down the stretch?

"I think understanding where to go with the ball, seeing the defense a little bit better, being able to see pressures, things like that. I think the overall understanding of what the defense is trying to do to us and where I need to go with the ball is where I improved."

This is obviously your first season ending as the starter. What's your process now and how long do you think it takes to get over this and take a big-picture view of what you guys accomplished this year?

"I think it'll sting for a while, especially with watching all the games going forward. I think it'll sting just knowing that we had the opportunity to win. We dropped the ball on that one, so it'll sting for a while, but I think we'll be able to look back on it and see some good things we did. Obviously, going into the offseason, I'm just trying to work on the things that we didn't do as well and things we need to get better at. But definitely just going to get to it and attack it, but it'll sting for a while."

I know this whole team won't be the same next year, but do you feel like you guys have a locker room where a loss like this could motivate you come this spring in OTAs and training camp to prepare for next season?

"Definitely. That was the message in the locker room with all of our talks right now. Guys just stepping up and saying how motivating it is to be able to attack the offseason now and how motivated we'll be by this loss. Who knows what the group will look like next year, but everyone in the locker room is definitely motivated to get back after it and get ready for next season."

What do you think the difference was tonight? Do you think it was the early chances? Do you think it was the last couple possessions?

"I think it was early on. We obviously didn't do a good enough job in the red zone and we didn't came away with enough points down there. We started getting going a little bit later in the second half, but it was a little too late. Obviously, the turnovers -- that's a huge part of the game is losing the turnover battle. So, there's a lot of little things you can look at and point to, but I think not scoring enough points in the red zone. It's going to be tough to win a game going against a good offense when you're not putting up enough points like that."

How do you think playing in back-to-back road games and back-to-back tough environments prepared you for bigger games going forward?

"Yeah, I think it'll definitely prepare us going forward. We've got some experience in these types of situations, these big games on the road. We'll have some more experience going forward with this situation, but yeah, it's prepared us. Good enough."

What's your project for the offseason? Anything in particular that you think you need to really bear down on?

"I'm going to look at the tape and that'll be in my process. In the offseason, I'll go back, watch the games and find areas I need improve. I think when we get back to OTAs, obviously some of these late two minute drills to go win the game is an area that we didn't capitalize on throughout the season. That'll be an area to look at. I think there's so many areas I'll have to look at and break down the film. I definitely think those critical situations when you've got to go win it, we need to find better answers and better ways to go take advantage and find a way to win."

What should you have done differently on that last play?

"I haven't looked at it yet. I haven't looked at any pictures, so looking back on it, yeah, throw it away. I don't know if I had an opportunity to be able to run. Maybe get out of bounds, but I forced it across the middle late, which is a mortal sin. It's something I'll look at. That's an area right there where I'll be able to look at, grow from and get better in the future."

What are you going to take away from this season?

"There's so many things. I think understanding how small the margin for errors in this league are. Especially in critical games like this when you win and advance or you lose and you go home. How important every play is and how locked in you've got to be. Like I said, how critical situations are at the end of the game to go win it and how dialed in you you've got to be to take advantage of those games and win. There's so many areas and so many lessons I've learned throughout the season and that the teams learn throughout the season that I think is going to make us better in the future."

What was the yard line you guys were shooting for to kick the field goal?

"I think it was about the 37 area to get to there. I think anywhere across the 50 or 40 area, we would've had a chance. Got to kick it at that point. We knew we had to get some chunk plays."

Packers K Anders Carlson

What's been elusive in terms of trying to make kicks?

"I think just the confidence in where the ball is starting. I don't think the kicks have been the same, each kick is different. The thing that [Green Bay Packers] Coach [Matt LaFleur] talks about that each kick is its own story. Tonight might not have been the better of each one."

Was there wind on that kick tonight? Once the ball was in the air, was it different than you expected?

"No. A flag showed right-to-left, I played it right-to-left. I will have a better hit next time."

What did [Green Bay Packers] Coach [Matt LaFleur]say to you after that kick?

"'There is still some time so we are hoping for another kick.' Obviously it didn't pan out the way that we wanted it to. After each kick you have to stay ready for the next one. It is tough that there wasn't another one."

After each of these kicks you stayed ready for the next one, but you always had a next one. In the long offseason, what is that going to be like with this one going into an offseason?

"I think for me there is a lot to learn. It is tough to see these guys because I know how much work that they have put in. I just want to put them in the best position possible. I'm just thinking about them and working for them."

Did the snapper's hold have anything to do with that kick?

"No. The operation was great and the blocking was great. It was on me."

Did you see the ball going toward the left upright and sneaking out of the left upright during the play? Then after the play, what goes through your mind?

"You're frustrated. You plan to make every kick that you go up to. So, frustration and then get to the sideline to reset for another opportunity."

Packers DL Kenny Clark

There's a few veterans on this team who've been through some of the playoff battles being so close. A lot of time you've been favored and almost got over the hump. I know that people look at the future and say, "Hey it's bright," but there's also something to be said about any opportunity you have, you have to finish it. And this one stings because of that?

"Yeah, 100%. Year-after-year, you don't take these opportunities for granted. It's hard to get here. It's hard to get to these moments. We've been through a lot of ups and downs. It's tough. We've got a young team and the sky's the limit definitely for the team, but you can't take the moments for granted."

What's next for you as you process this? Do you think back to the minutiae of the little plays? How long does it take you to process a game like this?

"With any game, you always think about what you could've done and what plays you left out there. It sucks. I really feel like we played a really good game for the most part and let it get away from us. Like I said, they made some explosive plays. They made some plays. It's tough."

You talk about that bright future. This is going to be a really important offseason. What does this team need to take that next step?

"It's all about the work. Throughout the year, everybody figured out how to win football games, what we need to do to win football games, the process throughout the week, the attention to detail that it takes to play a game like this. That's a good stepping stone for guys to see. Now that we know, or now that those guys know, we fully expect guys to hit the ground running, attack the offseason and come back ready to work."

Packers WR Romeo Doubs

Can you talk about the game?

"They played better football than we did. This feeling isn't great, but if I have to make it short, that's about it."

Does it make it tougher knowing how close you were to pulling off the win over the No. 1 seed?

"Like I always say, it's all about complimentary football. In this League, it's a game of inches."

What did you think of the three phases of football and how they played today?

"Obviously it wasn't there because we lost, so let's get over that hump. We fought from the start to the very end and ultimately you have to give San Francisco some credit because they came out to win and we lost."

What do you think of the future for this team? You guys were the seventh seed, almost knocked off a one seed and fought hard. What do you think of the future of this team and how bright it is?

"The future is bright. It's just up to us on how we control that future from this point on."

Packers RB Aaron Jones

Are there any positives that you can take about what this team accomplished with such a young roster?

"A hundred percent. Nobody thought we would be here. Nobody thought we would make it to the second round of the playoffs. It just shows that if you buy in, you believe in each other, you block out the outside noise with the guys working together, offense, defense, special teams - you really come together. It's hard to stop. It's that chemistry - you build chemistry."

Did you say anything to the guys at all about the season?

"No. I really didn't get a chance to you. [Packers Head] Coach [Matt LaFleur] talked and then [Packers LB] Preston [Smith] and RG [Packers DL Rashan Gary]. I felt like that was enough not to continue to harp on it, but we'll have my time and talk to the guys. Going to take a day or two and think about what I want to say."

How much does this hurt for you as a vet and a leader wanting to get a win for these young guys?

"It definitely hurts, even in your second season it's hard. You win that first game coming in and you want to win this game. It's tough. San Francisco, this is the third time they knocked us out, so I'm kind of bitter about that as well. We'll be better for it. Come back and hopefully we see them next year in the playoffs."

Packers WR Jayden Reed

Do you think that the gravity of the moment impacted you guys at the end and that's why there were some mistakes?

"I don't really agree with that. It was just that we didn't have much time left, we had to try to get the ball down the field. Playing in conditions like that, the rain, is always tough as well. So I don't think anything was tight towards the end."

What do you think about the play of the team this year and how you guys got it done as a young team despite the loss today?

"We haven't even scratched the surface honestly. I feel like we just have to dial into this off season, like I said before, and come back an even stronger group next year."

Was there one play that could have made a difference?

"It's a game of inches in this league. When you make a little mistake it could cost you a lot. Definitely."

Packers LB Preston Smith

We heard from a couple of players that you spoke after, what was your message?

"We just have to have a championship off season. Everything rolls to the season because at the end of the day, those games come back to falling on your training, trusting your technique and trusting everything that you worked hard for this off season. I just think coming into this next season, we have to focus on the things that we can improve on and come out there and make sure that our weaknesses are now our strengths. We improve on the things that we are good at."

Some people might say, well, the Packers weren't even supposed to be here. They were the seven seed, no seven seeded ever won. Are you saying this wasn't good enough though?

"We had ability to go the distance. We had a lot of opportunities to beat the 49ers tonight. They outplayed us. They won, they scored more than us. They maximized on the opportunities they had and I think that's what it came down to."

What makes 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey so hard to take down?

"He's an elusive guy who works well in space. He's a strong guy, he got a great center of gravity. So I just think when it came down to that, he was breaking hard tackles and extended plays."

What would you say about the missed opportunities in this game among all three phases of the game?

"If we want to win we can't miss those opportunities. That's what it's going to come down to those are the opportunities that win or lose game. So we just have to make sure that next time we get those opportunities presented to ourselves, we ready."

Does it sting more? Do you feel like you outplayed the 49ers today? I know they did win, give them credit, but do you feel like you outplayed them and does that hurt more? Just the fact that it was so close like?

"It hurt more knowing that it was a lot of opportunities we had to execute and we didn't. If we get some of those plays back and it's a different outcome, we just have to make sure that we don't put ourselves in that position next time."

Packers LB Eric Wilson

Was this the kind of game that wasn't necessarily about the plays you made, but the plays you didn't make?

"Yeah, even with all of that, we had a chance to win the game. So I think the guys did a great job of fighting, battling, and putting ourselves in a position to go and win the game."

What was the key to getting from point A, at the end of camp with this young team, to point B, in the divisional round?

"The key was to keep grinding and keep going even when things were a little foggy and didn't go our way. We keep pushing, keep getting better, finding whatever way that might be, for our whole team to do that."

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