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What Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy said after first 49ers-Raiders joint practice

Aug 10, 2023 at 2:42 PM--

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San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback Brock Purdy spoke with reporters after Thursday's practice, the first of two joint sessions with the Las Vegas Raiders. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Rest day for TE George Kittle and LB Dre Greenlaw?

"Kittle had an adductor strain last week, so he won't be able to go this whole week. Dre [Greenlaw] started out practice and tweaked his hamstring. We'll have to look at that now, but I'm sure he'll be out this week, also."

What about DL Drake Jackson?

"We believe Drake had a tweaked hamstring last week."

WR Ray-Ray McCloud III?

"Ray-Ray broke his wrist last practice. It'll be some time. We won't know for sure until they go to surgery. They always say around eight weeks at that time. Could be a little less. Hopefully it is. We'll see. I think he's getting surgery Friday."

What are you going to do at return, will it be a competition for who gets that job?

"Yep, keep seeing who the best one is that we got at the end of this. And we've got to find one."

How has WR Ronnie Bell looked in that role?

"He's done a good job. He's a natural catcher. He's comfortable back there, so he'll have an opportunity to."

Bell looked like he had a couple catches on that last drive with QB Trey Lance. How has he been developing as a receiver?

"He's shown promise. Like most of these rookies, he has some good days, some bad. Struggled with a couple things early in practice today. Finished strong with that route over the middle in two-minute. But he's got an opportunity, he's got a chance."

How do you feel about how you guys ended practice there, two-minute, Trey leading that?

"I thought we should've scored on that last one. I think Trey made a hell of a play on that last play, breaking out of the pocket, throwing and ended up having to drop on that. The play before, I liked the shot in the last spot at the end zone. Corner made a good play on [WR] Jauan [Jennings]. You always want to finish with a score, but that was good practice."

Looks like there were some snapping issues early on. Was that a heat related thing?

"I don't know. I'm not down under there. I hope I never have to be. But I think they were both with Trey, one was with [OL] Jon [Feliciano] and I think the other one was with [OL Nick] Zakelj. So, we'll talk to them when we get in there."

It looks like you and Las Vegas Raiders DE Maxx Crosby had an exchange?

"Oh, yeah, he came up and said what's up. Just talked for a little bit, just some mutual respect there. He's as good as it gets and I wanted to apologize to him because we were kind of jerks to him. I shouldn't say that. But we're kind of jerks to him in our interview when he came out of college and he's really one of the coolest dudes I've been around or seen and he's one of the best players in this league. So it's cool to catch up with him."

Alright if I say that was trash talk and said, 'Hey, you guys were about to fight?

"I think everyone would hopefully know I'm smart enough to never try to fight someone like that."

Where were you a jerk to him?

"Oh, it was Kris Kocurek's first interview and he had been at some other places where they liked to kind of attack the guys a little bit, rattle them. That's not totally our style. And that was the first one up and after [General Manager] John [Lynch] was trying to touch his leg, like 'Kris chill out a little bit' and after he was like, 'What did I do like we don't really do this?' And he's like, 'Sorry, my last coach really wanted me to do it that way.' And he did it to like the coolest dude. So we always tell him that was all Kris, not us."

How did Maxx respond to that?

"He was a stud. He didn't care at all. He did not waver. He didn't. He handled it as good as anyone could handle it."

With Las Vegas Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo here, there's been talk of when you were asked right after the season about if he was going to come back and a lot of people were saying you were quite dismissive and didn't say anything about his legacy or what he'd done here. Do you have any regrets about that or the way that comment was perceived?

"I think I've talked about his legacy. I think Jimmy was unbelievable for us. We won lots of games. I think that was a simple question. Is there a scenario where he'll be back here next year? And I give a commonsense answer and no. I think that was a little overblown on trying to be a shot at him or anything. We knew Jimmy wasn't coming back on his standpoint and our standpoint financially and everything. So that was just the commonsense answer. But anytime I've been asked about Jimmy and what he meant to us and how he was, I've never said it differently. So Jimmy was unbelievable here. I think he was the best quarterback here in about 20 years since [Former QB] Steve Young. Has an unbelievable record and every time he played and stayed healthy, we were either in the Super Bowl or NFC Championship Game. So, I hope no one insinuates I ever said differently."

Did you get a chance to catch up and reunite at all?

"No, I would've liked to but they're on different fields. I didn't really get to talk to one of their offensive guys. Got to see a number of their defensive guys though."

Was it good to just see QB Brock Purdy against an opponent, another team? And how did he look out there?

"I enjoy seeing all our guys against other people because we just get sick of the same stuff over and over again the same style D-line, the same coverages. So, it's always fun to go out and do new things. One-on-ones are a lot more fun. Not everyone's so used to each other and how they do it. So it's kind of a new day. We'll see how they adjust tomorrow, but that's why we like doing this stuff. It's a fine line because it sometimes gets a little more physical and things like that and you never want to get guys hurt. I was really glad how both teams handled it today. I thought it was a smooth practice and helps both teams get better."

Is Brock on pace where you want him to be?

"Yeah, Brock's completely on pace."

Kyle, you mentioned in a pass interview that you would have signed QB Philip Rivers, if you won the NFC Championship Game that you might play the Super Bowl?


Was that based on conversations you had with him prior to?


And was he like on board with that plan?

"He was prepared to. Now that's stuff we talked about throughout the whole year. We would've had to seen how that was for the Super Bowl, but that was the plan most of the year."

Were they ?

"It would've been."

What did you see out of the Raiders defense, especially their ones?

"They got some good players. know they don't have their first round pick out there with [DE] Tyree [Wilson], but just their pass rush, their secondary. [Las Vegas Defensive Coordinator] Patrick [Graham] does a real good job everywhere he is been. I think they're going to be a real good team this year. They played us well last year. It was one of our toughest games and I think they're only taking steps forward."

Getting back to Jimmy Garoppolo, can you just talk about what he brings to the table in terms of obviously from a coaching perspective, but also what they are getting in the player's locker room?

"There's not many people in this planet who can play quarterback at the level that Jimmy can. I mean there's definitely not 32 and I really don't think there's 15. So to have one of those guys always gives you a chance and they got a guy that they got a chance to win with. That's all you can ask for. And the type of thrower he is, the type of plays he can make and guys like to play hard for him also."

Back to your returner options, WR Danny Gray is he a possibility and did he get hurt today?

"He was sore today. So, we thought it was too much of a risk to go because we thought he would've got hurt so he didn't have him go. So hopefully he should be better tomorrow. We try all our guys that return. Danny may be a little more of a kickoff guy than a punt return guy."

You still have kickoffs?

"Yeah, we do. It doesn't happen much. But kickoffs are a little easier to catch. Punt is a different deal. So you got to make sure first and foremost that you got a guy out there who's comfortable with it. We know we have that. [FB] Kyle Juszczyk is one of the most comfortable natural punt return captures there is, but hopefully we have a few other guys before our fullback is out there. But yeah, you can do it too. So it'll be an open competition and it'll be fun to watch."

He can punt return, fullback and can throw it?

"Yep and he can go to Harvard too, so it's impressive."

How has QB Sam Darnold come around as far as just being able to make quick decisions and knowing the playbook?

"I think Sam's gotten better each practice. It's his first time in this offense and I've been really encouraged with just how he spits the plays out, how he can call them, where he is now compared to the first couple of days. He doesn't seem like it's his first time going through it, so he's getting better each week getting more comfortable and I'm excited to see him in some of these games."

Do you like the fact that OL Colton McKivitz is getting some reps up against DE Maxx Crosby and DE Chandler Jones

"Yeah, always. I mean, usually when you get to the season you're going to be facing guys like that week in and week out and we've got some pretty good ones on our team and haven't had [DE Nick] Bosa there yet, which he's gotten plenty of reps against him though also. But anytime you go against good players it only makes you better."

QB Brock Purdy

How do you feel about your work against another defense?

"Yeah, it felt good, just going out there, new look, new environment and not going against our defense. So, it felt good just to be able to get a different look and work on the stuff that we needed to work on. So, that was a good day."

Did you do much prep work as far as what kind of looks you might be seeing?

"A little bit. Just like the fronts are a little bit different and whatnot compared to what our defenses run. So did a little stuff in that regard. But other than that, it's still just building off of the things that we need to work on, our plays, our scheme. Not trying to, 'hey at practice, we're going to do this, this, and that against their defense.' Not like that."

Would you like to play in the preseason?

"I mean, I think eventually I'll be able to get to that point. Yeah. I don't think there's a necessity to do it like this week or anything like that. I'm still getting my 11-on-11 reps at practice, getting my timing and everything down with the receivers and as a whole. So, eventually, hopefully we can get to a point where we can talk about that."

You came in in that Miami game last year and the offense didn't seem to miss a beat. Do you think that you have similarities to Las Vegas Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo? Just the style, what your strengths are, those types of things?

"Yeah, I mean I think just how [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] coaches us, how the playbook works, how everything ties together, the timing of a play. Jimmy did a great job with going through progressions and just the timing and the operation and stuff. And so, I learned from him and when I was the one to go in, I was just trying to do what coach taught us and try to not be late to any reads or progressions or anything like that. So, I think we are a little bit different, but at the same time, you get into an offense, you've just got to do what the coach and be successful in that regard. So, I think we both have done that."

Did you get to catch up with Jimmy Garoppolo out there?

"Yeah. Yeah, it was good to see old Jim. He is doing good. He looks healthy and good and just talking about how everything is here and how he loves it and how we miss him and it's always good seeing Jimmy, so it's great."

Take us back a year. You didn't get a whole lot of reps. What did you gain from just being around him and observing him and being there in meeting groups with him?

"Yeah, I think obviously he is a pro. He was professional at everything that he did. Coming into the meetings, how he was in the meeting room, in the huddle, before he was about to break a huddle and say a play, like everything was crisp. And so, I learned a lot from Jim and just how a professional NFL quarterback is supposed to look and act at practice and his leadership and talking to guys. He did a lot of great things here and so just my little time that I had with him this past season, it was a lot for me to learn and it was a blessing."

Did you have a relationship with him outside the meeting room? Did you guys spend much time talking one-on-one?

"Yeah, I mean at our lockers and stuff we would just talk about life and things that he's been through with football and myself. And then obviously, the biggest thing for me was sort of observing. Obviously at practice, yes, but like even in the locker room, how he's talking to guys and interacting with guys in the locker room. So, whether he knows that or not, I learned a lot from him and I'm very appreciative of that. But yeah, I think our relationship's great. We never really had much time to go out outside of football and hang out or anything like that, but we do have a good relationship and can talk and catch up on a lot of good things."

Does Jimmy or do other players ask you how you're doing about your arm and are they curious about the surgery?

"Yeah, I mean, a lot of guys that I've talked to, they're like, 'How you doing? How you feeling?' So, just catching up. I tell them where I'm at, just still trying to work my way up in terms of volume, velocity and throwing at practice and all that kind of stuff. But a lot of people are interested and curious and stuff, but they mean it in a great way and a great intent just to check up and see how I'm doing."

Are you satisfied with where you're at?

"Yeah. In terms of my arm and everything, yeah. Yeah, my arm feels great just still building back-to-back days and trying to gain all the strength that I can back from the rehab process of things and I feel really confident."

At this point, do you, as compared to a year ago, do you do anything for your elbow, after a practice for the surgery or is it just like you just practice and go on?

"Yeah. I think it's about the same. As a thrower and a quarterback, you'd ask all the quarterbacks that we've got, a lot of us do a lot of soft tissue work and just try to work out the soreness and then do some rehab exercises after. I've been doing that for the last however many years through college and stuff. So, my routine really hasn't changed. I feel like I'm back to a normal routine with my arm and stuff. So, still obviously taking care of it as much as I can on an off-day and whatnot, but I feel almost back to normal."

Are you like a pitcher? Do you ice your arm?

"Yeah, we do ice the arm with the heat like contrast and stuff just to create some blood flow which promotes healing and all that kind of stuff."

It sounds like you know what you're talking about.

"Yeah, I might be a PT after this (laughs)."

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