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49ers Training Camp Day 9 breakdown: Quarterbacks

Rohan Chakravarthi
Aug 5, 2023 at 5:18 PM

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Day 9 of the San Francisco 49ers training camp is officially over, as it was a light practice, with the energy level lowered after a long practice on Friday, with Brock Purdy taking a rest day, allowing Trey Lance and Sam Darnold to work with the first-team offense.

It was an underwhelming start for the quarterbacks, but Trey Lance finished strong, ending with a deep touchdown pass to Willie Snead on an incredible catch for a touchdown.

What was the context behind Trey Lance and Sam Darnold's days on Saturday?

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11-on-11s: 1st Period

Sam Darnold (QB1)

  1. Sam Darnold hits Brandon Aiyuk on a play-action for 10-12 yards on the left side. He was nearly sacked by Clelin Ferrell, coming as a free rusher as Darnold looked to his left off the fake. Could've been sack.

Trey Lance(QB2)

  1. Trey Lance is sacked by A.J. Parker, coming as a free rusher on a blitz. Lance airs one out for Ronnie Bell for 20 yards on a deep comeback, but is well short on his throw.

Brandon Allen(QB3)

  1. Brandon Allen throws a play-action incompletion to Danny Gray deep down the field on a 40-yard pass. Gray beat D'Shawn Jamison, but had to wait as the ball was well underthrown, allowing safeties Tayler Hawkins and Myles Hartsfield to catch up for a pass breakup.

Sam Darnold(QB1)

  1. Sam Darnold hits Christian McCaffrey on a screen that is stuffed at the line of scrimmage, as Dre Greenlaw was there immediately, with T.Y. McGill there in help.

Trey Lance(QB2)

  1. Trey Lance throws an incompletion 25 yards downfield to Jauan Jennings on an underthrown ball, allowing A.J. Parker to get in position and record a pass breakup on a 50/50 ball. Lance could've been sacked on the play.

Trey Lance(QB1)

  1. Trey Lance throws an incompletion to Deebo Samuel 30 yards downfield, overthrowing the receiver, who had beaten Charvarius Ward downfield.
  2. Trey Lance steps up in the pocket, hitting Jordan Mason in the flat on a good throw. Lance looked to be aggressive early, missing throws, but did a good job of finding the checkdown here.
  3. Trey Lance hits Christian McCaffrey, stepping up and firing a dart over the middle for 8 yards, with yards after the catch present.

Sam Darnold(QB2)

  1. Sam Darnold is sacked by Kerry Hyder, who beat Matt Pryor on a rep. Threw a completion to Ray-Ray McCloud after the sack.
  2. Sam Darnold hits Danny Gray on a good ball over the middle for 15 yards.

Brandon Allen(QB3)

  1. Brandon Allen hits Willie Snead deep downfield for 35 yards on a great ball over cornerback Tre Swilling, with Qwuantrezz Knight converging on the play.
  2. Brandon Allen hits Troy Fumagalli for a 7-yard catch. Stepped up in the pocket and got the first down.

Trey Lance(QB1)

  1. Trey Lance throws a pass intended for George Kittle that is broken up by Charvarius Ward on a great pass breakup.
  2. Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk on a bubble screen for a short gain.

Sam Darnold(QB2)

  1. Sam Darnold throws a ball over the middle that is deflected by the defense and is nearly picked off by Curtis Robinson on a tip drill, but the ball hit the ground first.
  2. Sam Darnold hits Ray-Ray McCloud on an in-breaker for a few yards.

Situational: Period 1

Trey Lance(QB1)

1st & 10: Trey Lance hits Deebo Samuel for 7 yards over the middle.
2nd & Medium: Jordan Mason rushes up the middle for a first down.

Sam Darnold(QB2)

1st & 10: Tyrion Davis-Price rushes for 4-5 yards up the middle
2nd & 6: Sam Darnold hits Chris Conley on a 10-yard pass on a solid pass to the right, with good yards after the catch.

Brandon Allen(QB3)

1st & 10: Brandon Allen hits Jack Colleto for a three-yard on a play-action checkdown.
2nd & 7: Khalan Laborn runs for a good gain, potentially getting a first down.

Trey Lance(QB1)

1st & 10:
Trey Lance throws a low incompletion on a ball to Kyle Juszczyk. The two sides seemed off, and Lance's ball was in the ground, where it seemed Jalen Graham, or another linebacker was in the vicinity.
2nd & 10: Trey Lance throws a good ball on a 6-7 yard pass in traffic to Deebo Samuel.
3rd & 4: Trey Lance hits Brandon Aiyuk on a 10-12 yard pass on the left side for a first down.

Sam Darnold(QB2)

1st & 10: Sam Darnold throws a deep incompletion to Ray-Ray McCloud, which was well covered by Samuel Womack for a pass breakup.
2nd & 10: Short run.
3rd & Medium: Sam Darnold hits Troy Fumagalli over the middle for a first down.

Brandon Allen(QB3)

1st & 10: Khalan Laborn rushes for four yards.
2nd & 6: Brandon Allen throws an incompletion to Willie Snead, with D'Shawn Jamison breaking on the play for a near interception. Allen seemed to be sacked on the play.
2nd & 14: Brandon Allen hits Tay Martin to the right side for 14 yards on an out-route.
2nd & 18: Brandon Allen hits Jordan Mason on a screen pass, with Spencer Waege blowing it up.
3rd & 10: Brandon Allen hits Jordan Mason in the flat. Taco Charlton and Myles Hartsfield flew in off the right side on a blitz as free rushers, and it could've been a sack on Brandon Allen.

Move The Ball: Period 1

Sam Darnold(QB1)

1st & 10: Sam Darnold throws an incompletion to Brandon Aiyuk on a 30-yard pass, underthrowing an open receiver on a corner route with nobody near him. However, Darnold, who has the capability to hit him on a rope, didn't put nearly enough on the throw, allowing Tashaun Gipson to resurface on the play and make the pass breakup.
2nd & 10: Christian McCaffrey rushes over the middle for four yards.
3rd & 6: Sam Darnold is sacked on a play where he holds on to the ball too long before scrambling to the right and throwing an errant pass behind Jauan Jennings, who was wide open 10-15 yards down the field at the sideline.
1st & 10: Christian McCaffrey has a good run to the left side, hitting the edge and turning upfield for a 1st down.
1st & 10: Christian McCaffrey rushes for four yards, with Dre Greenlaw meeting him after that.
2nd & 6: Sam Darnold throws a quick checkdown to Christian McCaffrey, with George Odum there after two yards.

Trey Lance(QB2)

1st & 10: Trey Lance hits Ray-Ray McCloud for four yards to the right.
2nd & 6: Ty Davis-Price rushes for a first down on a good run, gaining around 8-10 yards.
1st & 10: Danny Gray takes a reverse from Christian McCaffrey, who got a pitch, on an end-around for a 1st down.
1st & 10: Ty Davis-Price rushes up the middle for 6-7 yards.
2nd & 3: Trey Lance drops back on a three-step drop, quickly looks at his route patterns, and then takes off after nobody's open for a four-yard scramble up the middle.
1st & 10: Trey Lance hits Willie Snead on a 25-yard touchdown on an amazing catch off the defender's back, with Samuel Womack in really tight coverage. It was a well-placed ball, but just an incredible catch in the endzone.

Final Stats

Trey Lance: 8/12, 1 sack
Sam Darnold: 7/10, 2 sacks

Overall Grade

It was an up-and-down day for the quarterbacks, with Sam Darnold starting off better before cooling down, while Trey Lance struggled before heating up during the move-the-ball sessions.

Trey Lance earns a "B-/B" on the day, as he really struggled to begin, with three of his first five dropbacks resulting in negative plays from the quarterback. However, Lance compiled a solid move-the-ball and situational period, earning first downs on all of his situational drives, while moving the ball for a touchdown on his lone opportunity. Lance needs to be more consistent, as his ball placement early was all over the place, but was able to settle in and take advantage of his opportunity, be it with the first or second-team offense. He gets a "B-/B".

Sam Darnold earns a "C-/C" on the day, being efficient on the stat sheet, but underwhelming in his performance. He didn't make many splash plays, and struggled especially in the situational periods. He continues to hit shorter passes, but his slower processing is evident compared to his counterparts, and he takes some poor sacks, hence the lower grade of a "C-/C".

Stay tuned for the next practice, Monday, and the quarterback report that will ensue!
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