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‘I just couldn’t imagine missing this game’: 49ers tackle Trent Williams discusses playing through his injury

Jan 30, 2022 at 8:32 PM--

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Trent Williams didn't have any postseason success before this season. He wasn't about to let a painful high-ankle sprain stop him from playing in the NFC Championship Game between his San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams.

"It was really difficult, yeah," Williams responded when asked how challenging it was to get on the field with his teammates. "It was a lot to deal with, but I just couldn't imagine missing this game. So I just tried to do everything I could."

Some wondered if Williams would make it through the entire game. The offensive lineman looked a little gimpy after the first offensive snap. Was there ever a point when he felt he might not be able to finish the game?

"Yeah, a couple of times," Williams responded while laughing.

Before kickoff, Pro Football Talk reported that Williams was playing through a Grade 2 high-ankle sprain, which means a partial tear within his ankle. He confirmed that it was a high-ankle sprain.

You could tell the veteran offensive lineman was pushing himself to make it through the game, all while dealing with a significant amount of pain.

Williams said that he's not anticipating needing to undergo surgery. Of course, that is dependent on how he emerges from this final game of the season.

"Hopefully, I didn't make it any worse," Williams said. "Hopefully, it will just be something that will probably take about a month off to have to heal, so I don't have any lingering issues. But it's football."

When asked how painful the injury is, Williams simply responded, "It's pretty bad."

The offensive lineman will now have the time he needs to heal, and hopefully, there was no further damage resulting from the decision to play on Sunday.

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