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Eisen believes 49ers start Trey Lance, when healthy, after ‘totally lost’ outing by Jimmy Garoppolo

Oct 25, 2021 at 2:16 PM--

The division is "gone" for the San Francisco 49ers, says Rich Eisen. He is typically one of head coach Kyle Shanahan's and the Niners' biggest supporters. However, even Eisen isn't sure what to make of this season, which is spiraling out of control.

Eisen believes that it's probably time for Shanahan to move away from Jimmy Garoppolo and begin the 49ers' transition to Trey Lance. To say that Garoppolo's play has been uninspiring is an understatement. With the top of the NFC West seeming out of the picture, maybe it is time for a change.

"[Garoppolo] looks so lost," Eisen said today on The Rich Eisen Show, the day after San Francisco's embarrassing 30-18 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. "And they came out of a bye week looking like this. And now, you're wondering, 'What the hell has happened to this team?'

"How does Brandon Aiyuk go from top prospect after [a] highly-promising first year to the side of the football milk carton, seemingly useless, with all sorts of bizarre comments from management and the coaching staff about needing to do more. The fanbase is saying, 'What the hell happened to this team?'"

Eisen has no answers for what is going on in Santa Clara and is shocked that the 49ers have gone from being hyped as contenders to a team struggling to win a game.

Shanahan was asked after Sunday's game if Garoppolo is his Week 8 starter. "I would guess so," was the coach's response.

"And the reason why he's saying that is because if Lance can go, I bet he's going," Eisen commented. "I bet he's going because Jimmy G just looked completely and totally lost last night."

San Francisco has now lost four consecutive games and looks to turn things around on the road this weekend against the Chicago Bears. Lance has been dealing with a knee sprain suffered during Week 5 but could be healthy enough this week to be available this weekend in Chicago. If the Niners do make a change at quarterback, there is probably no going back.

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