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Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Transcripts: What Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo, others said after 49ers-Packers

Sep 27, 2021 at 6:04 AM--

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and others spoke with reporters following the team's Week 3 game against the Green Bay Packers. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Opening comments:

"Alright guys injuries. We had [CB] K'Waun [Williams] with a calf, he didn't return and [CB] Josh Norman with a chest, he didn't return. [CB] Dontae [Johnson] had a stinger, he came back in. Go ahead guys."

With Josh's injury. Is that a pec injury?

"Yeah, chest injury."

Is it severe?

"I'm not sure."

How bad was K'Waun's?

"Just the calf. He did it early in the game and couldn't come back. So, I'm not sure anything more than that, but I'm always worried once he had the calf and couldn't come back in."

When FB Kyle Juszczyk scores there at the end, even though they didn't have any timeouts, did you feel like there was maybe there was too much time just knowing who was on the other side there?

"Yeah, you always worry with [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers] on the other side. That's why we didn't use any timeouts. We we're hoping to take it down, but it was hell of an effort by Juice to get in."

Obviously, you want to score there, but was that play call designed just to get closer? Did you think it had a chance to go?

"I think he hit the last guy of the progression on the check down, Juice just had a hell of an effort running after the catch."

What was your message to the team at halftime? It seemed like they came out a little bit more fired up. You had that drive to start the half that was much more successful.

"Just that we had to play a lot better than we were. I was pumped up to have the special teams kind of change that. It got us going a little bit, scoring right there before the end of the half. Then I knew offense had a chance to start with the ball. So, it was just big on them to go out and set the tone and go down and get a score to get this game back in reach. And they did that to start."

Why did you choose to mostly use Kyle Juszczyk as your lead back in the first half and stay away from RB Trey Sermon?

"We didn't use him as our lead back. He got a few runs, but no, he was never used as our lead back."

Why did you not utilize RB Trey Sermon as much? Or run the ball as much as you normally do?

"We tried to use everybody today. And I think Trey had 10 carries, I think Juice had four. I'm not sure how it ended up."

Talking about QB Jimmy Garoppolo's game, obviously, another slow start, a nice finish but had the mistake with the fumble there. What happened on that play?

"I thought Jimmy played real well tonight. The fumble there, there was a screen. He got let through way too early. It was a play action screen, right when he turned around, it looked like 97 was in his face and he tried to get rid of it and threw it backwards."

How about the interception? It was hard to tell whether it was just a great play?

"Yeah, I thought it was a good route by [TE] George [Kittle]. He got by the front side safety and I thought it was a hell of a ball when it left. And then on the backside, the corner came out of nowhere and made an unbelievable play on it."

How much before you put QB Trey Lance in, do you decide or does it like come into your mind that you're going to do that?

"It's just like any other play. It has to do with the down and distance, the situation you're in and what you're thinking to get. It's not like you're making subs to change everything. You're bringing him in to run a specific play and you wait until you feel like running that play."

You were struggling to run it consistently, when that happens does that make you think about putting Trey in more because it is a running aspect?

"No, not really. They got to play it a certain way for Trey to run. You're not just going to play him like a running back. So, no that does not really change anything."

I realize you haven't had time to just kind of sit back and reflect on this game, but just your take immediately after this game about how you guys played and where you think your team is, what this game told you about your team?

"I think we got to play a lot better than we did. Just some of the mistakes that we made, especially early in the game in the first half, especially on third down with some critical situations. I think what you guys saw there at the end, just getting back into the game shows some of the players we have on our team. I thought there were some great individual efforts of guys just making unbelievable plays that got us in and gave us a chance to win that game. But some mistakes that we made throughout the game, you don't win a lot of football doing that and that's what we got to clean up."

You had the three big pass interference calls go against you. Do you think you guys were just reaching a little bit? Did you get to look at some of those plays?

"Some of them, yeah. Some of them I disagreed with. Some seemed like I realized they were going to call them. Stuff we hope for too on our side."

It looked like DL Samson Ebukam maybe got held on that 25-yard throw to Packers WR Davante Adams. How do you assess penalties with a game like this?

"You don't, you just deal with it and you just have to live with it. We've had to deal with those for a long time."

The broadcast showed you meeting with Packers head coach Matt LaFleur at midfield. Very quick exchange. Is that just emotions? I know you guys are normally closer.

"Yeah, I think I was just pissed about the game. It ended on the last play and I wasn't trying to hang out too long in the middle of the field."

You've obviously got a lot of cornerbacks down. Do you have to alter the defense when that happens or are you just like, let's just play with who we got?

"No, you think about everything. As any play caller, offense, defense and special teams when you lose guys it affects every play call. But you also got to try to win the game. You can't just stick with one thing because you're missing someone. You have to mix it up and you got to know when to pick and choose, when to take your chances, when to be safe. And always, when guys go in and out whether it's at corner or any position it always has an effect on everything."

You guys have had trouble after the two-game stay over. Were there any of those issues going on today?

"No, I didn't feel that at all. I thought our guys were geeked up, ready to play. I thought they were moving fine. We just have to execute a little bit better."

How about RB Trenton Cannon's kick return?

"That was awesome. He's done a good job for us here in these two weeks and that was a big time play at a time that we needed it the most."

Were you surprised Adams came back at the end?

"Yeah I was, I was surprised how quickly it was."

Do you tell Trey Lance or does someone tell him this is a series you might get some time?


You don't do that?

"Nope. That's why it's just plays that we're running. It's not like you're subbing someone, you're just putting in someone to run a different play and you usually don't know when you're going to run that play until the situation based off down and distance and where you're going. So, that's why he's always there ready to sub in next to all the other running backs and tight ends and receivers."

You had three running backs in uniform that didn't get carried today. Is it just that they're just not far enough along in the offense to get back there?

"No, a lot of guys don't get a ton of carries if no one gets hurt in the game. I think we mixed it up with a bunch of carries with a number of guys, George, [WR] Deebo [Samuel], Trey and Juice. But that was nothing against those guys. It just didn't play out that way."

Do you feel more comfortable with Deebo and Kittle carrying the as opposed to the newer guys?

"Not necessarily. That was just the gameplan that we used today and we would have been fine with those guys going in, but sometimes you want to give them to receivers and sometimes tight ends."

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Can you take us to through the last sequence as far as, I mean, obviously you guys are trying to get it to the inside, but at what point do you become cognizant of the game clock, the play clock and how close are you trying to cut it so that you don't leave their Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers enough time?

"Yeah, I think, you're always conscious of it in that situation. There's a lot of different things going on, but yeah, game clock, you're always trying to get it as low as you can. It's just tough when you've got a guy like Aaron on the other side. You leave him any amount of time, you never know what could happen. I mean, dude, didn't 36, 37 seconds. You've got tip your hat to him sometimes."

That final play to FB Kyle Juszczyk, there was a lot of time on the play clock. Did you consider taking it down further? How, like how did you manage that?

"Yeah, I mean, we were kind of in a good rhythm. That's where you toe the line of, you've got the defense on their heels. I mean, it's really hard to score down there in the red zone as it is. Do you want to let them catch their breath and type of that type of thing? I mean, when a guy catches it and makes it play like that, you're not going be upset at him for scoring. It's just, I know what you're saying. You want it, you want to tow that line with it. It's tough."

What happened on the fumble there? Were you getting away from the defender or were you looking at a receiver to throw?

"Yeah, yeah. We were trying to run a screen pass. Running back, got caught up in the line a little bit. Just got caught in between throwing it. I was trying to throw it away as the guy hit my arm and, you know, unfortunate call by the refs there for a fumble."

Now that you've had two straight weeks of slow offensive starts. How do you address that and come out of the gates with that?

"I think we were talking in the locker room, some of the guys, it's a good character builder, this one. We've got to take a long, long look in the mirror as an offense and just what we could do better, how we could start faster. There was just one mistake here, one mistake there by guys, starting with myself, and if we eliminate just half of those, it'll lead to better football early. And we won't have to play from behind the eight ball like we were tonight."

Did you get the sense that they felt like you guys were a little one dimensional just early, particularly when you couldn't get the run game going at all and how much did that affect maybe what they were showing you?

"A little bit. We had ways of getting passes that were basically like runs it in some ways, but I think we just didn't get into a rhythm offensively, honestly. Just from the get-go, it was tough not converting some early third downs and just the time of possession I think was in their favorite, pretty heavy early on. So, whenever we're doing that, you put your defense in a tough spot as it is. And like I said, we were playing from behind the eight ball and we battled back there at the end, but you don't want to be in that situation to start with."

I know you focus on what you can control and everything like that. But human nature would suggest when you have a quarterback situation where QB Trey Lance is rotating in, is that in the back of your mind at all?

"Oh, no. I've got a lot of things going on in my mind out there. I mean, we've got some nice packages with Trey. It worked out really well tonight when we got them in there. I'm thinking of a million other things can't really worry about that."

TE George Kittle was saying that they took away the outside zone. Were they doing things in coverage that were different kind of challenging for you guys?

"They mixed it up a little bit. It wasn't anything, you know, that we weren't ready for. I mean, they played a pretty good game. It was one of those bend don't break defenses. So we knew we were going to have to earn it. The big plays, it was hard to hard to come by tonight, but overall, just other than the other than the slow start, I thought we battled back in the second half. Guys were playing hard and you saw a lot fighting guys and that's what you want to see."

That interception by Green Bay Packers CB Jaire Alexander, was that a real good play by him? Or was that a ball you could have gotten to George a little earlier or do you know yet?

"I'd have to see it again. It looked like from the replay, he made a hell of a play. He was the backside corner on that. It's not his responsibility at all. The ball felt good coming off my hand. I didn't really get to see it. I got hit, but you know, it was nice play by that guy."

You leaned heavily on Juice tonight, but how hard has it been to get all the new running backs back into the groove?

"I think it's very important for us. Our offense is kind of where it starts and if we can get those guys going, I think it will make everything a little easier. I thought Juice played a hell of a game. He was asked a lot tonight, to do a lot of different things that he wasn't used to, but a lot of guys were. It's the NFL, these games aren't easy and every week's going to be difficult, but you know, that's why you got to love it."

49ers QB Trey Lance


"Yeah, I did. It feels good, obviously, playing behind [T] Trent [Williams] and that whole entire offensive line. They made it really, really easy. So obviously it was a lot of fun to get in the end zone at a time that we needed it."

Did you have an Idea that you would be used, like that and in that series? Did you have any sense?

"Nah, it's the same as last week and the week before, it's this stuff that we practice throughout the week. There's no real rhyme or reason, I guess there is a rhyme reason, but it there's no certain situations that I know that I'm going in or don't just stay ready just like all the other tight ends and receivers and running backs that subbing out of the game."

You handed Trent Williams the ball despite having the touchdown. Was it partially because of the black you laid out for you?

"Yeah, he deserved that for sure. And it was a ton of fun and he really did spike it. I just saw the video of it a minute ago."

Are there certain situations though that you feel like, 'oh, I need to stay close to Kyle.' Like, in that particular instance?

"Nah, there's really not. It's throughout the game. Like I said, I stay right there by the tight ends and you'll see me right by [quarterbacks] coach Scangarello, my quarterback's coach, and by all the guys that are subbing in and out. So I really have no idea throughout the game when or if I'm going to get in the game. But my job is obviously to be ready whenever that is."

What is your process of just mentally staying ready?

"Just being locked in and paying attention to the game. I think it's really similar to, like I said, the tight ends and receivers and running backs that are coming in out of the game. They're locked into every single call and then I do the same."

Do you asking me those guys for advice about, you know, dealing with subbing in and out?

"No, it's just playing football. It's really not, I know it's a big deal because it's different, but it's really not a big deal in my head or [QB] Jimmy's [Garoppolo] head or I guess anyone else on the team. It's pretty normal now."

Lost the backward pass and then they kick the field goal, but then the very next driving, he drives him the length of the field. As you watch him do that, what did that show you?

"Jimmy's a super resilient dude and he showed that today. He fought through a lot. And I thought he played really, really well. And then obviously we have a lot of guys on our team that made really big plays to keep us in that game. So it's fun, like I said, to be able to be a part of it. Just me right now, just embracing my role and learning as much as I can from Jimmy, because he's a great dude, great human being and obviously a great football player."

You hear the play call obviously. Do you go to the wristband and repeat the play call? Do you have a process just when you're on the sideline kind of staying here?

"Yeah, I mean, like I said, I'm locked into every single call. You'll see, [RB] Raheem [Mostert] gets every single call. The guys that are on the sideline get every single call as well. So as far as personnel groupings and the play call, yeah, I hear every single one."


"I mean, I had a lot of confidence in our defense and will continue to. Obviously he's special. Made some big plays. And you know, it's obviously unfortunate how it ended for us."

You're clearly not freaking out. But, you hadn't played through two weeks, you get thrown into a huge situation in a game. You went into that situation, obviously, you're able to handle it but is your adrenaline or heart rate, like just spiking?

"No, not really. I mean, like I said, I do everything I can during the week to be as prepared as I can, so I can go into those situations and be ready. Because that's what they count on me to do. Thank you guys."

49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk

How did you feel playing today and seeing more passes come your way? Did that enable you to get in a rhythm as far as running routes and setting up stuff?

"A little bit yes. I think going into the game, every game, I know what my assignment is and what I have to do. I feel like it was no different than any other week just going into the game and worrying about what I can control and nothing different from that."

How did you handle the past couple of weeks getting fewer snaps?

"Going back to work just like just like we will this week, watch it for the next 24 hours, look at the tape and then flush it and move on. Try to get better. That is the only thing you can do move on and get better."

When you were down 17-0, what was the mentality of the offense?

"We need to put together drives, stay on the field and on third downs don't get the ball back to [Green Bay Packers QB Aaron] Rodgers. Get some points on the board."

Does the offense like that type of pressure when you know you are down and have to score?

"You really have no choice. We know that we have the players to make plays on offense. We know that we have to do that in that situation. I wouldn't say that, we just know what we have to do."

49ers DL Nick Bosa

What's the overall mindset you know, be down 17, come back, take the lead and they lose it in the last second? What was the feeling like in that locker room right now?

"Not too good. We had plenty of opportunities as a defense to close it out and we didn't. It's tough."

How hard is it to regroup after a loss like this and move forward?

"It's tough but it is Week 3. There is a lot more football and if we want to go where we want to go then we are going to have to shake it off quick."

Was there a difference in how they treated you and the defensive line this game than they did in 2019?

"Yes. I think they tried to rely on their players in 2019 and this game they definitely kept some guys in, doubled most of the game and chipped a lot."

Overall as a pass rush you guys only had one sack and a few hits on Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, which was different than what happened in 2019. Can you put your finger on why there was a lack of pressure on him?

"Yes. I think that they definitely didn't want it to go like it did in 2019. They made adjustments and didn't give us as many opportunities but we did have opportunities, we just didn't capitalize."

49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk

At the end, was there any part of you that thought that after what we just did we may have left a little too much time on the clock?

"No, I didn't really have a lot of time to think about it. I think the entire team was swarming me, so I didn't even know how much time was left on the clock to be totally honest with you. It wasn't really something that was on my mind during the play as well. You know, we were down six, we needed a touchdown, so I was trying to score."

When that play is called, are you thinking this could be a touchdown or is the mindset to just get down inside the five or closer to the goal line?

"I was definitely thinking let's try and score a touchdown. When we're down six, I'm trying to get seven points. I think we did a good job, after we got past midfield and there were still like two minutes left, we had three timeouts slowing the tempo down and realizing that it wasn't the usual two minute situation. We did a good job of getting it down to about 25 seconds or something at the end of the game. Hats off to them, they did, they hit a couple of big plays and that's all it takes some times."

What were the issues that you guys had with the running game in the first half? You guys are used to running the ball. Do you feel like you're the offense as a whole is out of sorts when you're not able to run the ball?

"I do think they had a good plan for us. Usually we are able to kind of set the edge on offense when it comes to our outside zone. They had a good plan for us of kind of shutting that down. Then they made some plays on the inside, making penetration that made guys have the bounce. So they had a good plan. They did a good job."

Is it a product of them running the same offense and seeing it throughout the offseason in training camp, they're just a little bit more ready for the style that you guys use?

"You know what I didn't even think about that. I do think maybe that has something to do with it. But even though they do quote, unquote, run the same offense as us, I think we run it very differently. I know they play a little bit of two back, but it's not nearly as much as what we do."

49ers TE George Kittle

Was there a thought when FB Kyle Juszczyk reached over and made the touchdown that there was a little too much time left on the clock?

"I was just celebrating the moment. It was a hell of a play by Juice. Breaking two tackles, truck-sticking a guy falling into the end zone. There's always too much time on the clock if there's ever time on the clock especially with [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron Rogers. So, I think we have a really good defense though and I don't really have any worries when we our defense is out on the field, but like I said, it's Aaron Rodgers, [Packers WR] Davante Adams. They have a lot of good playmakers over there and they did what they had to do to win."

Why do you think you guys struggled to run the ball effectively the first half?

"They were loading the box. Did all they could do to take away our double teams. They had set up the defense to let us get our double team, but then they're setting the edge with two guys, so there's not really much you can do there. I trust in [head] coach [Kyle] Shanahan and [offensive coordinator] Mike McDaniel, they'll get after that and they'll figure out a way to avoid that next time. Because I'm assuming a lot of defenses are going to try to do that because they did a good job of eliminating our outside zone."

How important is it to remember the 24-hour rule, watch the film and then move on to the next week?

"I mean that's life, you have to. If you focus on it too much, you sulk on it too much it's going to affect you going into the next week. And what good is that? Whether, it's riding the high of a win or mourning the loss, you got to flush it after the 24 hours and get ready to go after it again. And yeah, like I said, if you mourn on it too long, it affects your next week and then you're a day behind and you can't really be a day behind on the Seattle Seahawks because you know they're going to bring it. Because they just had a loss too, so it's going to be two angry teams fighting out."

Talk about WR Deebo Samuel, how he's grown as a player since he's got here. Just what kind of brings to the table for your offense.

"Deebo brings Deebo to the offense. Physical wide receiver. Give him the ball anyway and he's going to do everything he can to get YAC, be violent, be physical. I love playing alongside of him. I think Deebo has grown. He's not just out there running. No, he's added to his route tree. He can run a lot of different routes. He's doing a great job of attacking the ball. That last third down he caught was a hell of a play. And you got to have guys make plays like that if you want to be in these games. Sunday night football against a really good opponent. So, proud of the wide receivers, proud of the whole team really. Just came up short."

49ers CB Emmanuel Moseley

Was there anything you were dealing with and how did it feel to get your returning back?

"Just had a little knee thing that I was dealing with. I felt good getting back. The trainers did a good job of get me back out there. They gave me two weeks to heal and I felt great."

How much more challenging was it to have the guys rotating? And you dealt with injuries at your position, how much more challenging was that?

"I think it was challenging, but I think the guys that came in, they play well. They gave their best effort. All we can do is go to the film and learn from it."

When Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers gets the ball back with 37 seconds left to drive, what are you thinking defensively?

"We got to stop him, you know, but we didn't do that. We've just got to go to the film and get better so we can improve next game."

49ers RB Trey Sermon

Why was it so hard to get the run game in particular going in the first half especially?

"We just have some different looks, but it really just comes down to us. I just felt like as a whole on offense, we can be better. I can be better reading my blocks, pressing it and everything. So I feel like as long as we do that, we would've been able to pick it up more."

What was the lesson you might've learned from being inactive Week 1 and what was the message from the coaching staff regarding that?

"I just have to come to work every day and just try to get better. Again, I just control what I can control. As long as I'm getting better and better each day, getting more comfortable in the offense each day, the sky's the limit."

How frustrating was it to get an opportunity last week and then get the concussion? And then what was it like going through the protocols?

"It was pretty frustrating. Just going out there first carry, I felt good going in and then boom, that happened. So I was definitely frustrated, but at the end of the day, I knew I'd be all right. I knew I'd be able to play again. So my mentality going forward is seize the opportunity whenever I get it."

What can you learn from this game and how can you apply what you learned today to even be a better player going forward?

"Just continue to stay locked in and just finish. It's all about who's doing the right thing longer. I feel like as far as me just playing the game, just being efficient, just being on top of everything longer than my opponent, I feel like as long as I continue to learn that and get better at it moving forward, I feel like myself and the team as a whole will be better."

49ers DB Jimmie Ward

How frustrating was it for you out there when calls aren't being made and it seems like a wacky way to end the game?

"I feel like a lot of guys got the call. The crowd noise was loud we just have to get used to it. We were on the road for two weeks. I feel like it just comes down to the players. We just have to get the call and execute."

Can you take us through the final sequence before the field goal?

"I feel like we just have to execute. I feel like we had a great call on that drive. We just have to execute. I can't think of too much more to say about that. Shout out to them, they made plays. [Green Bay Packers WR Davante] Adams made plays. [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers was being Aaron Rodgers and great. Shout out to their coach too."

Did you guys come into this game pretty juiced up?

"Yes. I feel like we could have done a lot better. I am proud of my guys, how they played and how they finished. We just ended up coming up a little short."

There was a lot of focus on your hit on Davante Adams, in your mind was that a clean hit?

"Yes. I know how to hit pretty good, led with my shoulder, there was no flag. I always lead with my shoulder. I have to watch the hit but bang-bang play. I am glad that there was no flag. Shout out to the ref."

49ers LB Fred Warner

Take us through the mindset of the defense when you watch your offense go down there score the winning points. What are you guys doing on the sidelines getting ready for that final defensive stand?

"Obviously we are telling each other that we have to win this game. It is all on us and just taking it one play at a time. We obviously didn't get it done."

How close were you on that pass that just seemed to sail over your hand? Did you feel like you had that one?

"Yes. That one stings probably the most, knowing that I was that close and could have sealed the game on that one play. I look at myself and see how I could have played that one better. There were a few plays that I wanted back in that game that is for sure one of them. I am going to take a hard look at and see how I can get better because I have to be better for this team."

How do you balance getting better knowing the plays you left on the field and letting it go while moving on to the next game?

"We look at it hard. We talk about a 24-hour rule. You have to really look at yourself hard and see how you could have done better. That is exactly what I am going to do because at the end of the day, I need to make plays for this team especially in those moments. I have to look at myself hard. I have to take it on the chin every time. If you want to point fingers at anyone, point them at me. I don't have any problems with it. I know that I am built for it and I know that I am going to be better."

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur

Opening comments:

"Wow, what a game. That's one I'll never forget. I'll tell you what, I was just so proud of our guys, the effort. It seemed like we overcame a lot of things, a lot of injuries. Give the Niners credit, what an atmosphere. It was great to be back at the stadium with a lot of fans. And I think it was, it was a pretty entertaining game, but just really proud of our guys' effort. I thought they battled. I thought they showed a lot of toughness and just the resiliency that we look for and so, I'm just really proud of everybody in that locker room."

What are you thinking right at the end when it's 37 seconds and no timeouts, and your defense has just given up the lead?

"This might shock you, but I was actually kind of cautiously optimistic. Just knowing the type of players that we have, I thought that, you know, hey there's a chance here. We knew we had to get to about, you said about the 36-yard line is where we wanted to get to, and we got beyond that and what a clutch kick by [Green Bay Packers K] Mason [Crosby]. He consistently does it and just really, really happy for him. You know, [Green Bay Packers Special Teams Coordinator] Mo [Maurice] Drayton, he was coaching on a heavy heart today. He lost a couple of people really close to him, and so just his ability to stay with us and lead our special teams, it means a lot to everybody in that locker room. I can't say enough great things about Mo. I really do think, I know we gave up the one return, I think our special teams have really come a long way and it's due to his leadership, his ability to teach, communicate, how he empowers [Green Bay Packers Assistant Special Teams] Rayna Stewart and [Green Bay Packers Special Teams Assistant/Game Management Specialist] Connor Lewis to help coach with him and get the guys excited about teams. That is noticeable. I know he's dealing with a lot right now, but just he's special."

What happened?

"You know, I'd rather not get into that. Just out of respect for Mo. If he cares to share that, certainly he will, but I know it hasn't been a great, you know, last 24 hours for him."

What were you thinking when Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams went down after that hit, and were you surprised that he came back in after one play?

"Yeah, I went out there to check on him and it seemed like he was just working on his breathing. So, I thought there was maybe a chance. I was, it happened quickly, when he popped back in there. It kind of surprised me how fast it was, but I think he was taking his time on the ground to allow that to happen, but I was more surprised at from what I saw, I thought that there was a hit to helmet, but apparently there wasn't."

In the third quarter there, I think it was mostly there it just seemed like a lot of two deep. Did you feel like they were just daring you to run it and keep running?

"Absolutely. And now, there was a couple of series there that definitely, I've got to do a better job as a play caller and just stay consistent, and in terms of just take what they give you. And we preach that to our players and certainly our quarterback all the time. I think that when you're playing in a big-time game and you can kind of feel that momentum start to swing a little bit, I think the natural tendency is to press and try to create a big play, and ultimately you've got to continue to do what's gotten you to that point. I thought prior to that we were at least staying with the run and it's a good learning lesson for myself, again."

You mentioned just getting this win, because the last time, even though you beat them last year with no fans here, and then I guess the San Francisco 49ers beat you guys twice back in the 2019 season, was this kind of a redemption win in a way for you guys?

"Well, I wouldn't say a redemption win, but certainly just when you look at everything that they went through a year ago, it was a totally different team that was out there. And then conversely, you just look at some of the stuff that we've been dealing with and for a guy like [Green Bay Packers T] Yosh [Nijman] to step up and go in there against one of the premier defensive ends in the National Football League, and we're starting two rookies, a rookie at center, a rookie at right guard, a second-year player left guard. I want to say that those four guys weren't on the field last year when we played them. So yeah, it was great to see those guys step up and play really good ball."

Can you expand on that, because Davante and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers just had such high praise for Yosh's play today?

"Yeah, he did an outstanding job and we knew that it certainly, he's a guy that is so even keel that we knew that if there was anybody that wouldn't be phased by what he was going to encounter, it was Yosh, and could be prouder of him. I think that speaks to just that room, just the leadership we get in that room, not only from the players, but from our coaches, [Green Bay Packers Offensive Line/Run Game Coordinator] Adam Stenavich and [Green Bay Packers Assistant Offensive Line Coach Luke] Butkus, and their ability to just plug guys in, and it seems like whenever we do, they do a great job. We're fortunate to have both of those guys on our staff, and just also the leadership in that room. I know [Green Bay Packers G] Elgton [Jenkins] wasn't out there today, obviously that was a big loss, but his presence is felt on a daily basis. [Green Bay Packers LT] David Bakhtiari, such a great leader in that room, and then you've got [Green Bay Packers G/T] Billy Turner and just, there's just a bunch of great people in that offensive line room."

Thirty-seven seconds and no timeouts is cutting up pretty tight. How much time do you need on the clock in that situation to feel like you can still make a facture and drive and not need to be all helter skelter?

"Thirty-five seconds."

Two-seconds away?

"Maybe 34 [seconds]."

When Davante Adams was on the receiving end of that, what did you see from your vantage point? And what does that say about him as a player for him to bounce back in that fashion?

"Yeah, just what a competitor man. I mean, and then to go out there and have two big catches in the final two-minute drive? I mean, he is the ultimate competitor. I think he's the best receiver in the National Football League, and I think he shows it on a weekly basis and not only on a weekly basis, it's special. We get to see it on a daily basis, just how we prepares, how he leads. I mean, it's not a surprise that he's a captain for us, not only just by his ability to lead as you know, as a speaker, but as his actions on a daily basis. How he goes out to practice and how he prepares, he's a special player."

Aaron said that Thursday in practice you guys basically made the play that you called to start that last drive. What goes into that? And I mean, do you even have a name for it if you just made it up? And what do you tell Aaron, like, from that play we made up Thursday?

"Well, yeah, so we had a similar play in in our third down package in like a third long situation, and give credit to [Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator] Luke Getsky, he came out and he's like, just talking about the route, we were afraid that potentially it could bring a safety over. We were actually calling it to try and throw it on the other side, and so we changed the route and we changed the concept, and when it got into that situation there at the end, we talked about it on the sideline, how potentially that could be a really good play for us. The guys went out there and executed and it was great protection upfront. We had two guys chipping, I want to say it was [Green Bay Packers TE Robert Tonyan] Bobby and [Green Bay Packers RB] Aaron Jones, and I'm watching Aaron Jones all, however, 190 plus pounds he is, taking on a defensive end. And I think that says a lot about him too, because you could see him battle through just, he was taking some hellacious shots out there and he continued to fight, and just shows up in every moment for us."

Was getting the ball out fast the priority of the game plan? It seemed like, especially in the first half, the ball was coming out pretty quick.

"Yeah, absolutely. I think just anytime you play defensive, especially this defensive line that can put pressure with four, it's kind of a priority, because it's kind of hard to throw on your back. So, that was certainly part of the game plan going into it."

There's a little bit of a to-do being made over the postgame handshake between you and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. I know this week you said there's no ill will for him, but is your guys' relationship everything that it was before the summer?

"Yeah, I would say you have to ask Kyle about that. I'm sure, I know Kyle, and he's ultra-competitive and you know, that's a tough moment for anybody to be in and I'm sure he was ticked off that we were able to take the ball down and kick a field goal to win the football game. Yeah, certainly I'm not going to let anything that, we've had a lot of history together, so I'm not going to let anything come between our friendship."

What did you see when you threw the challenge flag?

"You mean when I spiked the challenge flag? I can definitely do a better job of controlling my emotions there. It just, to me, it seemed like I thought I saw the ball move. Matter of fact, when I saw it live, I thought it was incomplete just from my vantage point, because I had a pretty good view of it. But, apparently the officials in New York felt differently."

Aaron said that he felt an energy even before the game that he'd kind of been looking for from the team the last three weeks. I'm just wondering, did you make that same observation and what benefit do you think that served?

"Yeah, I think our guys came out ready to play today and I think you could feel it, and I thought we were physical. We knew that going into this game that they're a physical football team and you could see it on tape. I mean, certainly we had the one crossover game with the Detroit Lions and it showed up all over that tape, and that's something that you could see. As we were preparing for the Detroit game, I kind of took note of that knowing that we were going to play them in a short period of time that this is a physical football team. And so, I thought our guys did a really nice job of matching that physicality, and to me it's a mindset and so certainly, any time that you prove that you can go out there and be physical, I mean, that's the standard. And so, I'd be disappointed if we don't match that each and every week, because there's so much, the competitiveness of this league, I mean, there's not a lot that separates each and every team and certainly it doesn't get any easier next week going against another physical football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, our guys are going to have to recover in short time. We had a lot of guys get nicked up today and they're going to have to put everything in to try to get their bodies back, get their minds right. I mean, shoot I think we land at like close to 4:30, 5 in the morning. And so it's a pretty quick turnaround, and they're going to have to get rested up and healed up for another physical battle next week."

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

I've seen you do this before. 37 seconds is not a big deal for you, is it?

"Yeah. A lot of time. We used a bunch of timeouts there in the third, fourth quarter. So we're out of timeouts. But I felt good about the first play call, especially since [Green Bay Packers Head Coach] Matt [LaFleur] and I talked on the sidelines briefly during the last drive. The play we made up at practice on Thursday, just one alteration on the route. Number two in the slot, which was [Green Bay Packers WR] Randall [Cobb] kind of clearing out the safely at the front side. When I came up, I just was thinking, first window on the deep end to [Green Bay Packers WR] Davante [Adams], but [LB] Fred [Warner] was there and so I kind of put it over his head. That obviously got us to the 50, which gave us the chance for a hail marry opportunity at the worst. Then we just needed one more, one more completion."

The first play you guys made that up on Thursday at practice?


How does that happen?

"I do the two-minute, and I like to adjust some routes from time to time to get to see what it feels like against our defense. So, I just adjusted one of the routes. We all liked it and many suggested it for the last round. They said, what do you think about this play? I was like, I like it."

So, did you call all the plays there?

"I did. Matt suggested the first one and I called the rest."

How much time would there need to be on the clock for you to feel like you had a good crack at it?

"37 seconds, yeah. No timeouts under 25, you need two chunk throws. Now I knew that. So that's why it wasn't a taking dunk. You didn't make time for that. We had to get to at least 15 on the first play. Then there was a little bit of wind outdoors, you know, [Green Bay Packers K Mason Crosby] Mase, 55 was kind of the end range I was thinking. So that means we got to get the ball to the 37. We needed 38 yards and got the chunks."

What was your reaction when Davante first took that hit, and then what was your reaction when he only missed one play?

"Couldn't believe it. Now, you know, in the league now, the way things have gone, you can't just come back on the field if it is a head injury. So, I realize it obviously was not a head injury. I wanted to check on him as I was questioning the referee about it being a possible helmet to helmet and having a side conversation with [DB] Jimmie Ward. I looked down, he gave me a thumbs up. To me, that seemed like 'I just got knocked down and I'm fine.' I didn't realize he just had a hard time breathing and it was nothing to the head. My thought may have been when he took that terrible shot from [Chicago Bears LB Danny] Trevathan a few years ago, I remember the next day he was completely clear. Some people's heads respond differently to trauma. Some guys have more time with it and can't come back. Some guys kind of clear right away. So I was like, wow, that was quick. Then I realized he didn't have the head trauma so he's going to come back out there. Like I told Michelle after the game, my first thoughts were devising how I wanted to get us in field goal range, then it was how can I get 17 the ball?"

Can you talk about your reaction there when you spiked the ball and you gave that fist pump and you, I guess, you knew right then and there that you guys had sealed it?

"Well we didn't seal it. It is still a 51-yard field goal. But Mase, I feel good about him. He's made some big kicks over the years."

You've had some wins against the 49ers before, but how big is this one given that you guys, first time you were able to play against their fans in the stadium since that playoff game two years ago?

"They beat us up twice in '19. Those are tough ones. The road trip out West, going back to Green Bay is always tough, but it feels a lot better when you're going back with a win."

You've played the 49ers a dozen times in your career but is there any added significant thing with the fact that you grew up close to here and it was one of your favorite teams as a child?

"I mean, I would say earlier in my career it was really a different motivation. That kind of adjusted over the years. I just have a love for this area and a lot of respect and appreciation for my time here, going to Cal. I'm still pretty close to the program. [Cal Head Coach] Justin Wilcox and I actually exchanged texts this morning. I love the area and still have a lot of friends in the area so it's always fun coming back. Hasn't been fun two of the previous three but this one is pretty sweet."

You mentioned the conversation with Jimmie on the field. How did that conversation go and did you have any issue with the hit?

"From where I was at it looked like helmet to helmet. My first question was for the back judge. I always have respect for the officials. They have a tough job to do in real time and make decisions, so I was asking him what he saw and I was wondering who hit my guy? That was the extent of the conversation."

What can you say about how your offensive line played especially with the injury you had coming in this week?

"Yeah I'm so proud of those guys. You look across the line, and I was thinking about this in the locker room before the game, I think back to some of the amazing veteran lines that we've had over the years. You think of [former Green Bay Packers OL] DJ [Raji], [former Green Bay Packers OL] Josh [Sitton], [former Green Bay Packers C] Corey [Linsley], [former Green Bay Packers OL] Bryan [Bulaga]. Today, going out with [Packers OL] Yosh Nijman and [Packers OL] Jon Runyan, [Packers C] Josh Myers, [Packers OL Royce Newman] wild man 70, [Packers OL] Billy [Turner]. I'm just so proud of those guys. They really played well, they battled. Especially Yosh. We talked earlier this week about who we wanted there and we said Yosh. Yosh, you guys haven't talked to him a whole lot, but he's a very soft spoken, quiet guy, a great young kid. [Packers OL David] Dave [Bakhtiari] always talks about how good his feet are, he says he's got the best feet for any lineman. I'm just really proud of how he battled. I mean, he's going up against one of the top three premier pass rushers in the game for most of the game. We gave him some help, I mean, you have to. [DE Nick] Bosa is such a stud. There were times we had no help and I thought he held up really well."

What does this do for you after the poor start to the season?

"Yeah, it gives us some legitimacy which is something I think we have been talking about. About how that was kind of an aberration and that we are a talented football team. It felt like in the locker room today that we finally had the energy that we had been waiting to see. Before the game it wasn't the type of energy we had in Jacksonville but I knew we needed a spark. Matt and I talked earlier this week about whether or not he wanted to take the ball. I said, 'listen, let's talk about it later in the week but it feels like we probably should have.' Matt and I talked briefly in the locker room before the game and he said 'I want to kick the ball', I said 'let's do it.' To go down, and I know we only got a field goal, but to go down, get a field goal, then get a touchdown, and our defense played so well in the first half. That was really important for us, but the energy in the locker room post game, that felt like a win. That was such a growing moment for us. I'm really happy for our guys to be able to feel that. It feels like, ok, now we are on our way. Now we can get into this, now we know how to win, and we can get this thing moving in the right direction."

You say 'we' a lot, but you look at it, you could have been a Niner. They should have drafted you out of Cal. Tiger Woods hits a thousand clubs a day, Steph Curry shoots a thousand shots. What has it taken from you to go from being looked over to being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game. What do you do that they don't see?

"Even when I was in college, I always felt like there are things you cannot measure and that's how I've always felt like I've separated myself. I'm not the tallest guy, I'm not the fastest guy by any means, but I feel like I have the energy and intangibles. I've grown over the years a lot and I think it all great competitors have to be first critical of themselves and look for growth opportunities. There are things I wish I had done better over the years, but I always try to lead with authenticity, stay true to who I was and grow and not be stagnant in the person I wanted to be, the leaders and teammate I was. As a player, all my greatest assets are my memory. My muscle memory with throws, my ability to recall things in the moment and that has always helped me over the years. Toughness, discipline and focus and those things, you can't really put a number on it, a measurement on it. I've felt like that has given me a leg up on the competition.

It looks like you had a mismatch at left tackle with Bosa, like you said, do you commit more to a quick passing game. Are you as a quarterback more conscious of getting rid of it quick in those situations?

"Yeah for sure. If we weren't going to get the ball out quickly, we were going to put a body on him. A lot of times chipping him and bumping him with a tight end, running back, which is what you've got to do against a pass rusher like that. [Arik] Armstead is like that too. We weren't going to let those guys just rear back and get after us. I think in '19 we had too many one on ones. Going back and looking at those games and thinking about what didn't allow us to be productive, a lot of it was we needed to drop back, buy a step, and break some tackles. So, getting those guys going early in a loud environment for the first time for Josh, and Royce, and Jon and Yosh to all be in an environment, it is important to get those guys comfortable."

What do you think it meant for your coach? You guys got it handed to you pretty good, twice, a couple years ago. What did it mean to come out and play well and win the game?

"People for some reason don't count last year's win against San Fran. I just think about the two games where we got our butts kicked back in '19. To be able to get a win against a great football team, against a former boss of his, I thought it was pretty good."

The short pass before the touchdown pass to Adams, you had hit him I think on the one or two, that looked from the press box like a really tight window, did you see it that way and what made you throw that if you felt like you were taking kind of a chance there?

"First off, I always play the percentages and then throw the ball to 17 is a high percentage. I just let him adjust his route and I felt like if I extended the play any longer, I would have had to make a quick decision and not try and run for it for sure. Based on the distribution of the play, I felt like it was better to deal it right then and there. He did a nice job of breaking down his route."

Are you coming out and predetermining that you're going to be looking at 17, maybe for a second or a third read more than you already do?

"The play was for him. For sure. He was clearing out on that side, we were bagging both the edges we had [Packers WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling] Quez on a big post opportunity. So they decided to play one high where they kind of show two and the drop of a safety's down, tilt to one side, then Marquez became a big option. But yeah, basically the way they played it, they played for very soft cover. So I just had to get the ball over Fred."

Talking about Marquez, you missed him on Monday how's it feel to finally connect with him?

"Yeah, we just talked about it in the locker room. Two last week, two today, and then he made that ridiculous catch. So, five is where we're at."

Five what?

"Deep balls. Big throws."

The shot to Adams on your second to last possession, he had the one-on-one on the left side, should you go over the top on that more than you did?

"Bad throw. I've talked about that. There was a time where he came over and I said, 'you want a slant?' He said 'no, I want a fade.' I said 'ok.' He has [CB Emmanuel] Moseley on him. They brought some pressure, they showed a double A-gap, and I got the slot and if I got him back there based on the way the pass interferences were going and Davante's leaping ability, I should have made it a high-ball on the back shoulder. I threw a low-ball that I think hit him in the arms. So yeah, definitely one I want back. Then they went down and scored, I'm thinking about that throw a lot, so I want to make sure I had a couple of good throws."

Packers WR Davante Adams

How are you feeling and how are you able to only miss one play because it looked pretty scary at first? What happened on the sidelines?

"Well how I'm able to get through it is I'm different. So that's probably the main thing. I've dealt with a lot of stuff like that and just the mental toughness to get in there and to know it wasn't a concussion. I went on the sideline, they evaluated me and saw right away that I was straight. It wasn't anything on the ground, it was my chest and I was having trouble catching my breath, but I'm definitely good."

When you have 70,000 people, 37 seconds, the game's over to 70,000 people, what's the conversation between you and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers? Because you know he's coming for you, what does he say to you?

"You give me the route. That's about it. There wasn't a whole lot of conversation in that huddle honestly. It's so loud too that the more you're talking about other stuff, you got to get the play and guys got to know what they got to do, you don't want to get up to the line with a second or two to snap it. Then that's where a lot of false starts come in and they start anticipating the snap. You just get up there, let me know what route to run, and at this point, this is year eight. We've been doing this together for a long time now. So I don't think there's a whole lot that he feels he needs to say to me. Those are the types of situations that we're made for. We went out there and took care of another one."

What did you see from the offensive line today, especially with the injuries that you guys have had coming into today's game?
Proud of those boys. Really, really proud of the boys. [Green Bay Packers T] Yosh Nijman hasn't had a whole lot of opportunities, especially against teams like that for him to have to be kind of thrusted into that position. Really proud of him. I love that dude. When we switched sides of the field in the fourth quarter, he was walking by me and I'm just turning everybody up. I'm going crazy and he looked at me, he goes, 'Man, it's just a blessing to play with you guys. I really enjoy this.' It kind of just slow me down for a second and I just got really appreciative for having a teammate like that. It's kind of crazy. He reminds me a little bit of [Green Bay Packers RB] Aaron Jones from a personality standpoint, because early in Aaron's career he would do something and come back to the huddle and I'd be screaming: 'Let's go! I need that from you every time! Let's go!' He'd say: 'Yes, sir.' And I'm like you don't have to call me sir in the middle of the game. But Yosh is a hell of a football player and has a great heart, just a great teammate all around. I'm proud of what they did up there."

Packers K Mason Crosby

Did you know it was good right off of your foot?

"It felt good, yes. The operation was great. The protection was solid and I felt really good from that spot. As soon as I hit it, it was kind of leaning and I was trying to get a visual on it, to make sure that it had the distance and nothing crazy happened. I just kind of went blank and took off running"

When the coach on the other team called the time out, do you actually like that because it gives you more time or is it more advantageous that they call a time out or not? Does it even bother you?

"You know, it is part of the deal and you kind of practice it. So in that situation, he called it early so we would have been kind of pushing it to try and get a rep there as well. I think that's probably the, probably the best way to do it, that way I don't get a practice swing at it. I just go and reset and do normal operation and come back in."

How far was that?

"It was 51yards."

Easy for you right?

"You just know you have the support of the team. What [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers] and the offense was able to do in 37 seconds makes it easy for me. I just go out there and do my job. I have been doing this a long time, so I still get excited every time those balls go through the uprights."

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