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Jerry Rice says 49ers’ Deebo Samuel plays like a ‘pissed-off receiver’

Nov 30, 2020 at 9:45 AM--

Jerry Rice knows a thing or two about wide receiver play. And the Hall of Famer loves what he sees from second-year San Francisco 49ers wideout Deebo Samuel.

What did Samuel do in his first game back since October 25? He hauled in 11 of his 13 targets for 133 yards, helping the 49ers to a dramatic 23-20 upset victory over the division-rival Los Angeles Rams.

"I'm just going to say it. He was a pissed-off receiver," Rice said Monday morning on 95.7 The Game's Morning Roast. "Aaron Donald, what he said about Deebo, that, 'Who is Deebo Samuel?' I think he knows who Deebo Samuel is right now."

Rice is referring to the Rams' star defensive tackle's comments after the two teams' first meeting when he seemed not to know who Samuel is after being asked about the 49ers receiver.

Samuel, now 4-0 in his career against Donald's Rams, certainly remembers the defender's comments.

Back to Samuel's play on the field…

"Really, it's the [yards] after the catch," Rice continued. "I love seeing this guy once he catches the football because you know he's not looking to go down. He's looking to punish someone. But also, he's got that speed where he can run away from you. So it was great having him back on the field."

Rice feels that Samuel's physicality fuels his teammates, which was evident from the game's sideline reactions. Rice even compared Samuel to tight end George Kittle while discussing his aggressiveness after the catch.

Added Rice: "He was patient at the line, and he was able to make that catch. And once he made the catch, to be able to run away, the yardage after that catch, that was something that I really loved doing because now, it's almost like you're just using your creativity and you're having fun out on the football field."

Rice feels the best is yet to come for the young 49ers receiver.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below.

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