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Raheem Mostert defends Jimmy Garoppolo against ‘quarterback analysts,’ talks Frank Gore, upcoming birth of his second son

Sep 16, 2020 at 2:20 PM--

Raheem Mostert joined KNBR on Wednesday morning for a lengthy interview on the Murph & Mac show. The San Francisco 49ers running back knows that losing on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals was a disappointment, but he and his teammates aren't dwelling on it.

"For me, personally, I think that game just kind of woke the beast up a little bit as far as where we want to go," Mostert said. "We've just got to take care of business this weekend, and handle what we can control, and go out there and try to get another win."

San Francisco begins a two-game road trip to face the New York Jets and New York Giants in back-to-back games at MetLife Stadium.

49ers fans will see a familiar face on the opposing sideline, as 16-year veteran running back Frank Gore prepares to take on much of the workload for the Jets after Le'Veon Bell was placed on injured reserve. Mostert is excited about being reunited with Gore, who he spoke with following the Super Bowl loss in February.

"Truthfully, I can't wait to talk to Frank," Mostert said. "I was supposed to work out with him this past offseason down in Miami. ... After the Super Bowl, I talked to him. ... He gave me some words of encouragement and told me to keep my head up and that he believes in me. ... But COVID happened, so I wasn't able to (train with him).

"I'm excited to talk to him this weekend and see if we can swap jerseys or something like that. That would be nice."

Mostert has previously admitted to being an admirer of Gores'.

"I see myself playing the same way he does," he continued. "... I've got to make sure I take care of my body the way he does because he's damn sure a pro when it comes to taking care of his body and doing all the necessary things to play this game the way he's been playing it — at a high level — for as long as he's done. I've just got to do the same thing."

Mostert was also asked about the post-Week 1 criticisms of his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. The running back doesn't seem too concerned about the outside chatter, though.

"No quarterback's going to be in a position where they're going to have, right off the bat, much success in the beginning of the season," Mostert explained. "This is the NFL. Anything can happen, like you saw against the Cardinals. We could have been up 21-zip in the first quarter, but we just couldn't get it done.

"Guys weren't catching the ball, and Jimmy wasn't putting it out there, and guys weren't making enough plays. You can't just totally give Jimmy the blame. He is the quarterback, but at the same time, he's not the only player on the field."

Mostert had an impressive 76-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter but admitted even he made mistakes during the game. There was one play, Mostert says, when he didn't make the correct call on a run that could have resulted in another score.

"People don't really see that unless you're inside that locker room, inside those meeting rooms," Mostert continued. "From what everybody sees on the outside, critiquing him, I didn't know that we had millions of quarterback analysts that understand the game, that understand that position.

"I would just tell those people to just cool out and relax and just enjoy a good game because that's what you're going to get out of Jimmy — a guy that's going to have a good game.

"But he's also going to have bad games. It's our duty to help pick him up. If the run game is not working, we expect the pass game will be working and vice versa. ... I believe in Jimmy G, and so does this entire team and organization."

Mostert also added that he would be able to leave the team next week to be in Cleveland for the birth of his second son. The running back said the Cleveland Browns have agreed to allow him to go to their facility in nearby Berea for COVID-19 testing, if needed.

"Before, their protocol was only one person was allowed to be in the room while my wife was giving birth, or anyone is giving birth," Mostert said. "[The hospital] made the exception for me because I'm taking these COVID tests and doing everything I can try to be back with my family."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Mostert below.

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