Fred Warner is in Southern California right now, which is where he spends the offseason. The San Francisco 49ers linebacker is training and working out for the upcoming season. His methods had to change, however.

As we all shelter in place and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, NFL players have had to rely less on gyms and training facilities to stay in shape this offseason. While most remain closed, Warner has been able to find some places that meet the CDC guidelines.

That doesn't mean he gets to spend all his time in those facilities. Warner joined KNBR on Tuesday and shared what he is doing to stay in shape amid these difficult times.

"I think the biggest thing is making sure you're staying in condition," Warner said on the Tolbert Krueger and Brooks show. "The best way to do that is, honestly, just running, and probably right now, a lot of running up hills; any hills I can find, grass hills.

"It's kind of crazy that this is the type of things we've got to do right now. You've got to do what you've got to do because at the end of the day, we're still going to be expected to show up and be in shape whenever we get the call and everything is good to go."

It's been two months since the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. A lot has changed since then. The sporting world has mostly halted. Our nation has mostly halted. The NFL season is just five months away. No one even seems sure that will kick off as scheduled.

If the regular season does begin in September, however, Warner plans to be ready. And he is using the team's heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs as motivation heading into the 2020 campaign.

"Ever since that game, obviously finishing the way it did, and having those feelings that we had to have, I've been able to use that as fuel all throughout this training period," Warner explained. "I know it's obviously a unique time, but still being able to use that to get better. I think it's only going to help us from here on out, having that taste in our mouth."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Warner below.

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