Maybe, in an alternate reality, that Jimmy Garoppolo-thrown pass landed perfectly in Emmanuel Sanders' hands and the San Francisco 49ers, not the Kansas City Chiefs, ended up as Super Bowl LIV Champions. Maybe somewhere out there, neither Kyle Shanahan nor his Super Bowl LIV MVP quarterback is being questioned this offseason.

If you would like a souvenir from that what-if reality, venture over to Livermore, California. A Target there was selling posters celebrating the Super Bowl LIV Champion 49ers.

Odds are the posters are no longer for sale, though, as this tweet was from earlier in the week. Still, it might be a bitter reminder to the Niners Faithful of what could have been.

Those who got their hands on the posters at least have a pretty cool souvenir from a game they would probably rather forget.

How does something like this happen? Manufacturers create products for each potential Super Bowl winner so they can begin selling them immediately after the game.

The merchandise for the losing team is either destroyed or donated to those in need around the world. For example, 49ers merchandise from the team's Super Bowl XLVII loss in 2013 was shipped by World Vision to those in need in Zambia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Armenia, and Romania.

Target making alternate posters available for sale was most likely a mistake, though ... or a trip into the Twilight Zone.

H/t to NFL Draft Diamonds for the find.