Richard Sherman, the second-year San Francisco 49ers cornerback and nine-year NFL veteran, is ready to run onto the field at another Super Bowl. He did so twice with the Seattle Seahawks and looks to do so with the league's up-and-coming Niners.

Sherman sat down with Mike Silver of NFL Network and discussed what it would mean to once again play in the Super Bowl while wearing red and gold.

"That's why you play the game," Sherman told Silver. "It means everything. You never know when you're going to get there. Some guys go their whole career without even playing in a playoff game, so to be in three NFC Championships in nine years is pretty cool. At the end of the day, I want a Super Bowl, and I don't give a damn who it goes through."

This 49ers squad is special. Sherman knew somewhere in the middle of training camp that this team was capable of doing something great. That's when he told fans that the wins were coming and to stay humble.

Could Sherman have foreseen an NFC West title, the top seed in the playoffs, and one victory away from the organization's seventh trip to the Super Bowl? Only he knows that answer.

"When you've been around it, and you've played in it, you understand what it looks like," Sherman said.

The 49ers defense finished the regular season ranked No. 2 in total yards allowed, and Sherman and the defensive backs helped the entire unit become the best against the pass. What makes this defense and team so good?

"It's guys who have a great feel for one another, and play well together," Sherman answered. "Even young guys that do a great job of leading by example. Even Bosa is a young man, but he's a leader on this team. Obviously, Jimmy (Garoppolo) and (George) Kittle, the list goes on and on and on. It's really been a fun ride for us, for sure."

Sherman and his 49ers kick off the NFC Championship Game later today against the Green Bay Packers.