The San Francisco 49ers advanced to the NFC Championship Game over the weekend. They will host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 19, at Levi's Stadium. Head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters on Monday for nearly 20 minutes. As part of the press conference, he delivered some good news. The coach's squad emerged relatively healthy from the 27-10 playoff win.

Shanahan had no new injury updates for reporters. Running back Raheem Mostert's calf is fine. Fans got a scare when Jimmy Garoppolo looked like he suffered an ankle or leg injury when a player landed on it, but the quarterback continued to play.

Shanahan didn't initially see the play where Garoppolo came up with a bit of a limp.

"I found out because I was upset with him for being a little bit late to the next play," Shanahan said of his quarterback. "Then, I realized that he was hurting. I was told after the game. But, he was fine. He was a little banged up on that play, but nothing after the game. It wore off, and he's good to go now."

Veteran pass rusher Dee Ford, who dealt with a hamstring injury for much of the season and returned on Saturday, emerged from the game feeling good.

"He did good," Shanahan said of Ford. "It should be the same deal for him this week. No setbacks, so hopefully, he'll take a step forward. Regardless, he played at a high level for us, and was very impactful when he was in there."

So the 49ers will enter the NFC Championship Game in good health, and look to do whatever is necessary to ensure a trip to Miami for Super Bowl LIV.