San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke with reporters following the team's 36-26 comeback win over the visiting Arizona Cardinals. Here is everything he had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Opening comments:

"Alright guys, for the injuries, [DL Dee] Ford had a hamstring, no return. [CB Emmanuel] Moseley, cramped, did return. [CB] K'Waun Williams had a stinger, returned. [WR] Deebo [Samuels] had a shoulder, he returned. [WR] Emmanuel Sanders, ribs, he did not return."

What were you feeling about this game and the way it progressed and certainly the way it ended?

"A lot of ups and downs in that. There were definitely some good things and there were some really bad things. It actually reminded me a lot of Monday Night. To where there were some things we got very excited about and then it felt like you blew it a number of times to where you kind of get crushed. The guys were just resilient and just kept coming. We were able to finish out the right way unlike we did last week. Two similar games like that and by no means was it perfect, but real proud of the guys how they just kept fighting. Found a way to get it done."

What was the discussion like during the review for TE Ross Dwelley's catch? Were you assuming it was going to be a first down?

"I was assuming but it was a very stressful discussion. You didn't know, so it was a lot of … we thought about everything in that long minute and a half that it took."

Did you call that play specifically for a first down or was it maybe a fourth down play? How do you call that play?


The touchdown.

"No, that was for first-and-10. That wasn't going to be our fourth-and-inches call. Maybe, I don't want to give all the secrets."

Would you have gone for it?

"Yeah, that was the plan."

What was your thinking having RB Jeff Wilson Jr. on the field at that time?

"That was the route we liked him on. Something that we worked out with him in the week. All of our guys are capable of doing it, but you try to do it how you practice it in the week. It was nice that we had enough time afterwards so we could make the decision to get the sub in. It was neat watching him just because that was the play we were calling as long as we got the first. When they were reviewing it and watching Jeff do high knees in the huddle, trying to get warmed up for the route. Glad he had the time to get loose, because we got it versus the right look and he beat it versus zero and good job by [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] retreating because they brought a lot more than we could block. The O-Line gave him enough time and Jeff did his job perfect on it."

Is that a play call designed for the zero?

"It's designed for everything, but that's what you've got to do versus zero. Either that works or it's going to be a good play for one of the teams. You hold on. It's not like it's automatic by any means. You had five guys in protection and they are usually bringing six, so it can be a very bad call versus zero or it can be a very good call. It's going to be one or the other when it's over."

Did you say anything to the team or make a specific adjustment once you guys fell behind 16-nothing just to kind of get everyone going?

"No, I think you just try not to freak out, keep things in perspective. Our 'D' got them off the field and we ended up having some penalties that kept them on. Some of those PI calls that they had. It was awesome on the first drive that they held them to a field goal. The offense couldn't get anything going most of the first half until that touchdown. When you don't run the ball well on first and second down and you don't convert on third down, it's pretty obvious why we were down 16-0. We were able to convert a few thirds, get some stuff going in the pass game, some screens that I think loosened it up a little bit. I think that screen to [WR] Richie James [Jr.] loosened them up at least, probably our first first down of the game. At least it felt like it. We were able to score before half and come out and it was good the guys rebounded the second half."

You've been a head coach for only a few years. I know this sounds like a question that is a little esoteric but what is it like coaching back-to-back games like this on the sidelines from an emotional standpoint? I know your Xs and Os and got to hone in, but you've got to be churning inside too.

"It's exhausting, whether you're a head coach or a coordinator. There's not much difference when you've got to focus that long. It's exhausting for me. I'm sure it's exhausting for our players. I know it's exhausting for my wife watching it and I'm sure it's exhausting for all the fans. That's an intense game that goes back and forth. I think that's why everyone loves this sport. It's a lot more fun for us when it's easier, but after the game it's always so fun when you go through stuff like that and it's not perfect and you still find a way to win."

How much did not being able to run the ball effectively change maybe some things you did at halftime and what's it say about Jimmy to be able to overcome not having a run game, really for the first time this year it feels like?

"Yeah, it changes a lot. I think that was the first time I consciously got away from it in the second half, just because it didn't look like it was going well. I think they were playing really well upfront. We weren't creating a ton of lanes, so we had to make that decision and when you do that, you put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. If you know Jimmy, if you give him a lot of opportunities, he's going to get some stats and get some yards, because he's that good of a player. But, it makes it hard not to turn it over too. So, that's something we haven't put him in this year. We had to there, we had no choice. He did a hell of a job. Really played unbelievable. Those two turnovers he had on third down, they were tough. Defense got him the ball back and for him to overcome those two turnovers on third down and go and finish it like that, he played a hell of a game."

Garoppolo made a lot of checks at the line of scrimmage before the play. How important were those unnoticed things in the game?

"Same as always. We've got two calls usually in most of our stuff, so it depends on the looks, but they mixed it up a lot on defense. When they do that you've got to have a lot of two play calls and switch it up too."

You've mentioned finding different ways to win this year. Have you learned anything just these two particular games about your team's resolve? And, if so, what?

"I think in this game, a lot. Last week, we played real hard, so did Seattle. It was just a tough emotional loss and to not have much time to recover from that. It lingered a little bit this week. We had to address a ton of it, which I think our guys did great. I think we were feeling good about it and ready to go to this game, but you never really can put that to bed until you end up winning another one. This game had a lot of similarities to it, which I think really challenged our will. Challenged the guy's character. I think the guys are ready for it. They rose to the occasion. I think we got stronger from the Seattle week, even though it didn't go the way we wanted. I think we got stronger from it, I believe we got stronger today."

What'd you think of TE Ross Dwelley's afternoon? Obviously, filling in for TE George Kittle, a pair of touchdowns. What'd you see from him and how did you like his job kind of filling in?

"Ross has been great. He's been great all year. He was unbelievable stepping up, taking over for Juice when Juice was out and he's been great stepping up for Kittle when he's been out. Ross has been one of the better football players on our team this year and doesn't get a lot of accolades because he's not going to sit there and get a bunch of explosive plays, but he's as good of a football player as we've got going right now."

Do you feel like your wide receivers stepped up to the plate after having so many drops last week?

"I did. We still had some drops. What I liked was that the guys didn't go into a shell over it. There were a couple drops in the game. I know Deebo missed that one early and came back and had one of his best games. He had a tough injury with his shoulder, a lot of pain, was able to play through it. Came in, came back out and had some big plays there for us. Our guys, they stepped it up. I know they had a challenging week last week and I think they were one of the reasons we won today."