Washington Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan jumped on a conference call with Bay Area media on Wednesday morning and discussed his upcoming matchup with the unbeaten San Francisco 49ers. Washington has a tough task ahead of it, facing a ferocious 49ers defense, which features an improved and impressive pass rush along the defensive front.

"First off, you look at the Niners defense and everything about it tells you speed, explosiveness, quickness, the ability to redirect and generate pressure from all different angles and alignments," Callahan said. "The challenge is great, and the matchups -- yeah, we're going to need a lot of help, to say the least.

"I think our pressure plan and our protection plan has really got to be tied down because this one's the best unit I've seen so far this year."

Opposing quarterbacks own a combined passer rating of 62.5 against San Francisco. Only the New England Patriots, the league's only other unbeaten team, have allowed a lower combined passer rating (42.6).

Facing the 49ers is a tough task for Washington quarterback Case Keenum, who is scheduled to start on Sunday. Callahan, the former offensive line coach, was asked if there was something or someone specific who jumped out to him along San Francisco's defensive front.

"I think there's five first-rounders up there, so they all jump out," Callahan responded. "I think all of them play to their strengths, and they can all generate different types of moves, qualities of moves. So yeah, they've got the full package, but when they line up across the board, there's not just one individual that you can hone in on.

"When we played the Bears, you had Khalil Mack that you're focused on, but this is a little bit different because there's so much quality depth and outstanding players. It's going to be a real challenge for our protection unit."

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