Get loud on Sunday, Niner fans! That was San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh's message to the Niner Faithful before Thursday's practice.

Saleh is hoping the fans in attendance for the first game of the season at Levi's Stadium make things difficult for the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2). San Francisco is looking to improve to 3-0 for the first time since 1998 and prove its doubters wrong.

"Get loud. You've got to get loud," Saleh said. "There's no more excuses, right? Everyone talks about Seattle having an unbelievable home-field advantage but I know this stadium can get loud too.

"When we've got guys, especially for us up front, we need that advantage of the quarterback not being able to go with the hard count. He's got to go with the silent count, and if we're loud, and have to go silent, I have faith in our pass rushers to beat their linemen off the ball."

One 49ers player who knows a little something about Seattle's home-field advantage is cornerback Richard Sherman, who spent his first seven NFL seasons with the Seahawks. He knows for the Levi's Stadium crowd to become a game-changing force, the 49ers need to start winning consistently.

"I think no matter where you're playing, no matter what stadium you're in, in order to get the fans enthusiastic about coming to see you, especially at this stadium where it's kind of hot, and there's not a lot of shade, you have to put on a good product," Sherman said. "And that's on us. That's on the team, that's on the players, and that's on the coaches."

San Francisco has started the process of winning, doing so in each of its first two games on the road. The trips saw hordes of Niner fans in the opposing stadiums.

"These last two games in Tampa and Cincinnati especially, it turned into a home game with all the red out there," quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo said on Wednesday. "It was fun. So yeah, I would expect a great atmosphere this Sunday and hope the crowd's rocking."

Saleh was asked if the 49ers defense practiced dealing with a noisy home stadium. That's when the defensive coordinator challenged fans.

"Until our fans give us a reason to, we don't have to," Saleh responded. "So the fans got to get loud."

When asked if that was a challenge to the Niner Faithful, Saleh answered, "Oh yeah, absolutely," while laughing.

What is Sherman's message to 49ers fans on Sunday?

"For the fans that will come out, just be loud," he said. "We appreciate the noise. Obviously, not when our offense is on the field. They appreciate some quiet. But when the defense is out there, man, have a good time. Enjoy this. Enjoy these games.

"We'll do our best to put a great product out there, and have both sides happy. We appreciate your support. Go Niners."

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