If this past weekend is any indication, the San Francisco 49ers might be good. Maybe really good. They've played in just two games but won both in very different ways. During Week 1, the defense stepped up and showed it could take over a game, if needed. On Sunday, the offense exploded for 572 total yards in a 41-17 rout of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The 49ers aren't looking too far into the future. Instead, they are focused on the task at hand — beating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday and going 3-0 for the first time since 1998.

49ers tight end George Kittle joined SportsCenter this week and was asked how good this San Francisco team really is.

"I think we are a good team," Kittle told Scott Van Pelt. "We're just going to go and attack every single week and try to win every single game. That's the mindset. You don't really go into games to lose them, so we're just going to try to win every single game.

"All we're guaranteed right now is we can go 2-and-14, so we're just going to come out next week and try to win this one, try to make it 3-and-0."

Kittle also shared a little bit about his heartwarming pre-game tradition. His father writes him a letter before each game, which the Pro Bowl tight end reads on the bus.

"It started my freshman year of college," Kittle said. "It was something that, when he was at Oklahoma, coaching offensive tackles, Austin Box, the linebacker from Oklahoma, him and his dad did that. That was something that my dad felt was special so he did it a couple of times, and I told him I really liked it; I appreciated it.

"And it was really fun through college because he played at Iowa too. He did all the rivalry games, like how he did versus them in the '80s, and then what they're looking like today.

"In the NFL, it's kind of a scouting report and more of a hype letter. It gets me fired up, and it's like my first step into game day."

Kittle saves each letter, both physically and digitally. He has copies sitting on his nightstand next to his bed at home.

"Those are things that I go back and I re-read them," Kittle added.

H/t to Matthew Barr for the find.

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