It sounds like rookie defensive end Nick Bosa is feeling pretty good after his 31 snaps against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. He is certainly doing better than he did coming out of his Week 1 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bosa entered his NFL debut after recovering from an ankle sprain he suffered early during training camp. The setback forced the rookie to miss the entire preseason, and his outing in Tampa left him sore and unable to practice until the Friday before the Week 2 matchup in Cincinnati.

"He came out healthy, healthier than the week before," head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Monday. "Sometimes when you come back with a high-ankle sprain, you always get a few setbacks in those games. I know he did versus Tampa, but he didn't complain of any yesterday.

"He didn't play as much. We were playing him less on purpose, and then we took out most of our starters there in the fourth quarter.

"I think it worked out well. He was able to affect the game and get out healthier than he did the week before."

The 49ers, now 2-0, will get to work preparing for their home opener at Levi's Stadium on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.