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Fan discussion: How many 49ers wins will it take to keep people off the hot seat?

Aug 30, 2019 at 10:12 AM--

Will the Niner Faithful accept eight wins from this San Francisco 49ers team? How many victories are needed for the 2019 season to be considered a step in the right direction? More importantly, how many wins are necessary to keep coaches or front office personnel off the hot seat.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan is probably safe short of something disastrous occurring. He remains too highly regarded just to be fired. But what about general manager John Lynch? What about defensive coordinator Robert Saleh or quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo?

These are the questions that Bonta Hill asked on 95.7 The Game on Friday morning. Normally, something like this wouldn't be reported here, but it presented an interesting question for fans. How much are they willing to endure before they demand the team makes changes?

Hill went as far as to say that anything short of a playoff berth is unacceptable and will result in changes. And the radio personality didn't leave Shanahan off his list.

"I don't think 8-8 is acceptable," Hill said on-air. "What does that mean? I think one of the big three, whether it's Jimmy Garoppolo, John Lynch, or Kyle Shanahan, if the 49ers do go 8-8, I do believe one of those guys will be out; most likely (general manager) John Lynch.

"The reason why I say John Lynch, you look at Jerick McKinnon. He had a flare-up in his knee coming off an ACL injury. He may not play this year. Weston Richburg is hurt, but he's back at practice."

Apparently, McKinnon and Richburg's injuries are Lynch's fault, in Hill's mind.

"Malcolm Smith, another signing where John Lynch gave him five years, $26 million; he's already gone," Hill continued. "Pierre Garçon is gone. Some of the draft picks haven't worked out like Reuben Foster. We'll see about Solomon Thomas. He does look like he's in great shape this season, but we've got to see what type of role he has.

"I do believe that the Niners need to challenge for a playoff spot. 9-7, 10-6, that's what they have to do because if they do finish 8-8, remember, this is the same owner, Jed York, who said, 'We hang Super Bowl banners. We don't celebrate division championships.'

"I do believe if the 49ers fall short of a playoff berth, somebody's head is going to roll, and I believe it's going to be John Lynch."

So we asked fans what they think about the comments. Is earning a playoff spot the bare minimum required for everyone to feel safe? What happens if the 49ers finish at 8-8? What happens if they finish at 9-7 but fail to make the playoffs?

Here are some of the fan responses, which, as expected, greatly varied.


  • What is the bare minimum 49ers win total for 2019 to be considered progress?
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 7
  • Playoff berth or bust
  • 185 votes

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